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URLs and file paths: $wgScriptExtension
Extension to append to script names by default.
Introducido en la versión:1.11.0
Deprecated in version:1.25.0 (Gerrit change 244199; git #7628a11d)
Eliminado en la versión:1.31.0 (Gerrit change 411484; git #de6dab71)
Valores permitidos:(string)
Valor predeterminado:'.php'


Extension to append to script names by default. This can either be ".php" or ".php5".

Some hosting providers used PHP 4 for *.php files, and PHP 5 for *.php5. This variable was provided to support those providers.

Now that this setting has been removed you can set up URL rewriting from ".php5" files to ".php" files to continue supporting ".php5" entry points.