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その他の設定: $wgPoolCounterConf
Configuration for processing pool control.
導入されたバージョン: 1.16.0 (r52888)
除去されたバージョン: 使用中
可能な値: 配列または null
既定値: null
他の設定: アルファベット順 | 機能順


Configuration for processing pool control, for use in high-traffic wikis. An implementation is provided in Extension:PoolCounter.

This configuration array maps pool types to an associative array. The only defined key in the associative array is "class", which gives the class name. The remaining elements are passed through to the class as constructor parameters.


$wgPoolCounterConf = array(
    'Article::view' => array(
        'class' => 'PoolCounter_Client',
       /* ... any extension-specific options... */