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Localización: $wgDummyLanguageCodes
List of language codes that have been renamed to new (correct) codes, or don't correspond to an actual interface language.
Introducido en la versión:1.16.0 (r60736)
Deprecated in version:1.29.0 (git #6a7a973b)
Eliminado en la versión:aún se usa
Valores permitidos:(array of strings)
Valor predeterminado:see below
Otros configuración: Alfabéticamente | Por Función


This global variable contains an array of language codes that don't have a corresponding set of translated system messages and never will.

  • In most cases they simply map directly to another language code. These codes are left over from renames, or other legacy things.
  • "qqq" is a dummy "language" for documenting messages.
  • "qqx" (since 1.18) is a dummy "language" that can be used with "&uselang=qqx" to view the message names in the interface.

These language codes are excluded on the installer as selectable user or content languages.

Since 1.18, they are excluded when running the transstat.php maintenance script (used for generating localisation statistics).

Default values

Versión de MediaWiki: 1.19
$wgDummyLanguageCodes = [
	'als' => 'gsw',
	'bat-smg' => 'sgs',
	'be-x-old' => 'be-tarask',
	'bh' => 'bho',
	'fiu-vro' => 'vro',
	'no' => 'nb',
	'qqq' => 'qqq', # <span class="mw-translate-fuzzy"># Usado para documentación de mensajes.</span>
	'qqx' => 'qqx', # Used for viewing message keys.
	'roa-rup' => 'rup',
	'simple' => 'en',
	'zh-classical' => 'lzh',
	'zh-min-nan' => 'nan',
	'zh-yue' => 'yue',
Versión de MediaWiki: 1.18
$wgDummyLanguageCodes = array(
Versión de MediaWiki: 1.17
$wgDummyLanguageCodes = array(
Versión de MediaWiki: 1.16
$wgDummyLanguageCodes = array( 'qqq', 'als', 'be-x-old', 'dk', 'fiu-vro', 'iu', 'nb', 'simple', 'tp' );