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Larger Image Previews

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The Large Preview lightbox highlights images based content on wikipedia by showcasing that content in an environment with fewer distractions, while still providing context for the image.

Sketch Lightbox 80

Displayed Information

  • Image Title
  • Image Description
  • Image Categories
  • Licensing information
  • Uploader
  • Upload Tool
  • Original Author
  • Upload Date
  • Creation Creation
  • Modification Date
  • Digitization Date (historical images)
  • Camera EXIF Data
  • Geolocation Data

Preview Features


While a Large Image Preview is displayed users can access a Related Images browse view which will display other images within the same category as the image currently being displayed.

Full screen


The user can view the image full screen, so that it appears edge to edge on their computer screen if supported by their browser.

Nearby Images


The user can visually browse images that are geotagged as being nearby to the image currently being viewed.

The user can see a map view with a pin located at the point where the image is geotagged.

Article Images


The user can navigate between images that are in the article without leaving the image overlay.

Flow between preview screens


Sketch Lightbox null Sketch Lightbox 80 Sketch Lightbox 110

Screen Design


Sketch Lightbox null Sketch Lightbox 80 browse Sketch Lightbox 110 Sketch Lightbox 80 alt