Language tools/Language Team Plan/Language Maven Meeting Notes 20130413


Language Maven Program: Meeting Notes 13th April 2013[edit]

Following are the notes from the first meeting of the Language Maven outreach program. The program is currently under the pilot phase of implementation.


  • Alolita Sharma
  • Amir Aharoni
  • Anatoly Mironov
  • Bharat Kumar
  • Chulki Lee
  • Federico Leva
  • Runa Bhattacharjee

Agenda and Discussion[edit]

  • Introductions
  • Why the need for this program (WMF - Language Engineering)
  • Not humanly possible for smaller engineering team to fully understand the requirements of >300 languages
  • Work together as a larger team to better assess the needs for various languages and provide adequate support features
  • Gather localized information pertaining to the language (e.g. prescribed rules from local authorities etc)
  • Areas of Collaboration and Benefits (General Discussion on the WMF proposal)
  • Feedback/opinion about the language tools and how they are being used
  • Seek guidance about requests coming in from the language communities
  • Interact with both the engineering team and the user groups about the tools (Chulki)
  • Can also provide suggestions about similar languages (Nemo)
  • Scope of Interactions - how, when, follow-ups etc (General Discussion on the WMF proposal)
  • A monthly meetup will be organised for the Maven+WMF Language Engineering team to catch up. Preferably through hangouts
  • mediawiki-i18n mailing list is to be used unless there is a need to have a separate mailing list
  • Runa and/or Amir can be pinged if there is anything that needs to be brought to the attention of the Language Engineering team.
  • 1 x 1 hangout meetings are welcome if urgent issues need to be discussed
  • Team expansion and Onboarding procedure - language coverage, mentoring, sign-up form, checklist etc (General Discussion on the WMF Proposal)
  • Anatoly suggested having an inventory of the tools maintained by the Language Engineering team
  • Getting started - action items
  • Setting the date for the next meeting
  • Sometime in May. The date will be discussed over email
  • One of the items for discussion would be a walkthrough on the tools/extensions etc that are managed by the Language Engineering team
  • Any Other Business (AOB)
  • (Nothing discussed)

Action Items[edit]

  1. Sign up form to be filled in and any required changes to be suggested by 17th April 2013 (Maven members)
  2. Work on preparing a checklist of items that can be used for verification of a language's support status (including Language Coverage Matrix information, infrastructure elements, and other relevent information) - Runa will coordinate this, based upon the original suggestion from Nemo.