Wikimedia Language engineering/Communications and outreach



Communication: The Language Engineering team develops and maintains key components to provide internationalization and localization support for Wikimedia projects. With a 2 week development cycle, news about the fast coming updates to the internationalization tools needs to go out early.

Outreach: Like other fields of development, constant engagement with the users is key to building usable internationalization components. What makes it special is the extent of the requirements for more than 300 languages within Wikimedia projects. The language communities and the developer groups form a valuable extended team working together in the interest of making all the languages as usable as English.


Language Engineering Communications[edit]

  • Blog posts about on the Wikimedia Technology blog
  • Monthly office hour - 2nd Wednesday of every month
  • Social media presence - Quick updates about activities and events through micro-blogging and social media groups

Community Outreach and Engagement Programs[edit]

  • Language Maven Program - A Special Interest group for extended engagement with the language communities across Wikimedia projects
  • Language Summit - Co-hosted events for engagement with other internationalization and localization groups and organizations
  • Developer Camps - Special events for developer engagement in Wikimedia's internationalization projects
  • Monthly bug-triage sessions - 4th Wednesday of every month