Language Testing Plan/Triage20130424


Language Engineering Bug Triage - Summary[edit]

Triaged Bug List[edit]

High Priority

  • Verified . Can be marked as 'easy'
  • Verified. Can be marked as 'easy'
  • Verified. Can be marked as 'easy'

Normal Priority - Normal and Enhancement

  • Verified
  • [Aharoni] It's easy to implement to someone who knows a bit of jQuery, bit it may require some design work.
  • Sucheta wants to know if Nikerabbit has an implementation plan
  • Good item for a CSS/JS lover?
  • verified
  • Verified

Requested bugs[edit]

  • Becoming important as users have recently been asking how they can actually translate a page (12 months old!)
  • Recommend solutions:
  • To rename the Edit tab to View source (or Edit source) like has been done for the Visual Editor, and then add a new tab "Translate"
  • Hide the Edit/View source from normal users and only show it to Translation admins so as to not confuse normal users
  • Nikerabbit says that both options are doable
  • Request to assign a higher priority
  • Reason: Translators are wasting a considerable amount of time translating the page titles for a lot of pages
  • 15 months old

Not Triaged[edit]