Kubernetes SIG

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This is a Special Interest Group (SIG) for bringing together all of the people working with Kubernetes in the Wikimedia movement. The intent of the group is to provide a venue for anyone with an interest in Kubernetes to interact across the Wikimedia movement and coordinate on related plans, activities, converge on (as well as invent) best practices on how to solve mutual problems.


The scope of the group, while focused on Kubernetes and related technologies, remains on purpose broad, allowing to discuss anything that is related to Kubernetes.


We have multiple ways we communicate, both of synchronous as well as asynchronous nature

Point Of Contact[edit]

For anything of administrative nature regarding the group, feel free to reach out to User:AKosiaris (WMF), preferably via email or IRC. Fallback to User:JMeybohm (WMF), similarly via email or IRC preferably.


Since the people participating in the meeting are across disciplines, we welcome sub groups (formal or informal) with narrower focus being spawned from this group to address specific issues.


We have monthly meetings and publish meeting notes below