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This guide presents a series of processes to put together a MediaWiki with the following goals:

  • Suitable for a corporate environment
  • Emphasis on security
  • Demonstrable build - Each article in this guide has a section describing what has been tested with that article
  • Safe upgrades - You have to do the testing for your environment but it will be based on a Long Term Support OS and system software
  • Minimum amount of software - not a LAMP style install
  • Current software - get the latest stuff
  • Visual Editor
  • Secured AD/LDAP authentication with Single Sign On (SSO) through any browser that supports it. IE, Chrome, Chromium and Firefox at a minimum

The idea is that you can deploy a system with MediaWiki and concentrate on the wiki rather than the system

  1. Intranet/Intranet Reference Build Ubuntu
  2. Intranet/Intranet Installation
  3. Intranet/Intranet Client Configuration
  4. ... (extension list) ...

Status and to do[edit]

Comments and requests please refer to the Discussion page.

  • Suggested extension list and configuration
  • Testing functionality post upgrade
  • At least one more reference OS install - Centos? Windows?
  • Verify security - Point OpenVAS and co at it
  • Consider breaking "Intranet Installation" up into separate pages