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HyperSwitch/errors/not found

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HTTP Status



The requested resource was not found. It could happen either due to the lack of a requested page, or because the requested endpoint does not exist.

Error response contains JSON body in the form of application/problem+json

Body Schema

Field Type Description Example
type string Link to the error description page https://mediawiki.org/wiki/HyperSwitch/errors/not_found
method string HTTP request method get
uri string Requested URI that produced this problem https://en.wikipedia.org/api/rest_v1/page/html/No_Such_Page
title string High-level explanation of the error Not Found

Specific error types


This type indicates that a route was not found, not the resource. It suggests that the requested endpoint does not exist. To help in debugging the following fields are added to the general error body:

Field Type Description Example
internalURI string Internal service URI that was not found /en.wikipedia.org/sys/page/html/No_Such_Page
depth integer Depth of a failed request in the internal request chain 5