Help:Extension:UniversalLanguageSelector/Input methods/eo-q


Type Esperanto using a postfix q to get the circumflex letter, e.g. cq -> ĉ, uq -> ŭ.

The first column is the character you will get in caps and the other columns say how to type it in caps or without caps.

circumflex letter digraph (upper case) digraph (lower case)
Ĉ Cq cq
Ĝ Gq gq
Ĥ Hq hq
Ĵ Jq jq
Ŝ Sq sq
Ŭ Uq uq

If you want to type just SQ in this system, you should use SQQ. E.g. cqq -> cq, Gqq -> Gq and SQQ -> SQ.