Help:Extension:Translate/Combating vandalism


This page is directed to patrollers and all those who discover vandalism in page translations.

First of all, you have to know that pages are split in several translation units. You can't undo a change to a translated page directly; instead you have to undo the change at the translation unit. If you patrol edit from the recent changes, you can see the translation units which live in the Translations-namespace directly; otherwise you may follow this procedure:

Contributions approach[edit]

Step 1
Identify the vandal in the vandalized pages's history
Step 2
Click the contribs link of that vandal.
Step 3
Find the edit the vandal did immediately before at the translation unit in the Translations namespace.
Step 4
Rollback that edit. The translated page will be automatically updated.

History approach[edit]

Step 1
Open the translate interface:
Translate manual - Combating vandalism - 1. Translate tab.png
Step 2
Identify the vandalized translation unit, click it, open the overlay by clicking the down-arrow, then click on history:
Translate manual - Combating vandalism - 2. History link.png
Step 3
Undo or revert the edit at the page that was opened in a new tab or window as usual. The translated page will be automatically updated.