Aide:Modifications en attente

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Les modifications en attente sont un moyen de marquer pour relecture, et si nécessaire, pour retarder la visibilité des modifications identifiées comme suspectes par un processus automatisé, jusqu'à ce qu'elles soient revues manuellement.

What it means for an edit to be deferred

There are two types of deferrals, in both cases the edit is queued for review:

  • If passive, the revision displayed to readers is still the latest revision as usual.
  • If active, the immediately preceding revision (the same revision that rollback reverts to) is displayed to readers.

If you have been notified, then the deferral was active.

When is an edit deferred

An edit is deferred for review when it matches an abuse filter set to defer, when requested by a bot via the API, or when it is considered highly damaging by ORES . When an edit is deferred, all prior uninterrupted edits by the same user to the page are deferred for review as well.

How to review deferred edits

All deferred edits appear at Special:PendingChanges, which provides the option to list only those actively deferred (or from pending changes-protected pages, if pending changes is enabled), and can be reviewed by users with review permission. When the page has a single author, and the edits can therefore not be deferred, it is listed at Special:UnreviewedPages.

How to enable this feature

The feature requires the flagged revisions extension, it can be enabled by setting $wgFlaggedRevsDeferral to true in local settings, and can be used alongside its protection feature (enabled via $wgFlaggedRevsProtection).