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This page is a translated version of the page Hacks and the translation is 12% complete.

Hacks have no fixed place on the mediawiki.org website.

They are lightly discouraged as they are generally tied to a small set of software versions, are not widely tested or portable and may cause unanticipated problems. Hacks that may be genuinely useful to a number of users should go on either

  • the talk page of the related issue (e.g. if it is an installation hack you might want to put it at Talk:Installation),
  • on the talk page of the related configuration setting
  • on a new page discussing the issue and offering a workaround - however it is only worth doing this if the hack is presented with full context in a way that would be useful to someone experiencing the same problem.

If the hack is something that should be incorporated into the main MediaWiki codebase (e.g. a bug fix) you should create a new bug on Phabricator containing your patch, rather than posting it here.