Global Collaboration/Reports/2017-July

- Wikimedia Global Collaboration team monthly report, July & August 2017 September 2017

Monthly updates from the Wikimedia Foundation's Global Collaboration team about technical development of the software they maintain. Names of people assumed to contribute as volunteers are in bold text.

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Important highlights[edit]

What's new[edit]

This report is the first for the Global Collaboration team. It groups news, updates and data about NotificationsStructured discussions (Flow)Edit Review Improvements and Content translation. The Global Collaboration newsletter will give you the most important information from this report, in various languages.

Due to Wikimania and vacations, this report stands for July and August.

Other highlights[edit]

Content Translation[edit]

Content Translation allows people to translate Wikipedia articles.

  • Work continues on replacing the translation editor of Content Translation with Visual Editor.
  • Delete action on the list of translations is now more reachable. Now it's possible to open it on click, and easier as well, because active area is bigger. T156909
  • Translation headers are adjusted in the translation dashboard. All lists on dashboard are provided with headers. T160398
  • Selectors rearrangement is made in the dashboard. "Start translation button" and the view selector now form a single row of navigation actions and language selector is integrated in the list that it affects. T158961
  • Language selector is restyled to be more compact T169967
    • Background color is changed and chevron removed.
    • Maximum width for the component is one third of the available space
    • Language labels are cropped with ellipsis for the exceptionally long cases.
  • cxserver is adding a new api /translate which will do machine translation and adaptation of a whole paragraph to another language. Moving the link, reference, image, template adaptation will make the client side code clean and lightweight. This task is in progress now, except Template adaptation everything else is done T170674
  • cxserver added a new machine translation service Matxin This is not currently enabled for any language.

Edit Review Improvements[edit]

Edit Review Improvements are a set of improvements done to ease new changes review by making it more easily, and less harmful for newcomers.

Recent changes pages[edit]

You can try the improvements for Special:RecentChanges (filters, changes selector, live updates) available as a Beta feature on all wikis.

Some of filters are now stable enough to be released by default. An important work has been done, and starting on 26 Sept., most filters and related improvements will become standard on Recent Changes. The deployment will provide an array of new tools and an improved interface. Users who prefer the current page will be able to opt out.

  • Stephane Bisson has unified the "user registration" and "experience level" groups. T165160
  • Moriel Shottlender has integrated a new way to indicate that the results are loading. T165286
  • Moriel Shottlender has integrated some design changes. T171822 T171968 T164861
  • Stephane Bisson has integrated the Live Updates function. To have it, edit the URL to add &liveupdate=1. T167743
  • A lot of other tasks have been done to improve design details and performance.


The new filters will be available for Watchlists as a Beta feature on September 19. They will include most of all features available for Recent changes pages.

Structured discussions (Flow)[edit]

Flow is now Structured discussions.  Flow was a bigger project that has been re-scoped to focus on user-to-user discussions. The software repositories and system messages will be soon renamed to reflect this change. Some improvements are scheduled: wikitext storage, search on a board, move topics...

  • Volker Eckl, Senior User Experience Engineer, has changed some colors in Flow for consistency with the Wikimedia palette and accessibility. T149768
  • Infinite scroll was broken on Flow and has been fixed by Matt Flaschen. T173807


  • Justin Du has added a button which allows users who don't use JavaScript to mark all their notifications as read. T96061
  • Matt Flashen has fixed the Thank button label, which was broken on mobilefrontend. T170917
  • It is now possible to restrict who can send you notifications. T150419
    • Documentation for this feature has been created by Trevor Bolliger from the Anti-Harassement team, and integrated by Benoît Evellin. It is now possible to translate it.

Other projects[edit]

Deployments and site updates[edit]

  • Kartik Mistry enabled MT for Dutch (nl) language in ContentTranslation.
  • Kartik Mistry added support for Dinka (din) in ContentTranslation.
  • cxserver has been upgraded to use Node v6.11

Data and Metrics[edit]

Content Translation monthly data July 2017 August 2017
Articles created (during the month) 12066 8467
Articles created till end of month 228861 237053
Number of new translators (during the month) 1077 780
Highest number of articles created by one user

(cumulative number till end of the month)

4519 4519
Highest number of translators for a Wikipedia

(cumulative number till end of the month)

5049 (es) 5139 (es)
Total number of translators with only 1 published article

(cumulative number till end of the month)

20012 20486
Total number of translators with only 2 published articles

(cumulative number till end of the month)

4210 4312
Total number of translators with only 3 published articles

(cumulative number till end of the month)

1986 2018
Total number of translators with only 4 published articles

(cumulative number till end of the month)

1128 1162
Total number of translators with >= 5 and < 20 published articles

(cumulative number till end of the month)

3393 3485
Total number of translators with >= 20 and < 100 published articles

(cumulative number till end of the month)

1212 1243
Total number of translators with >= 100 published articles

(cumulative number till end of the month)

339 357
Articles deleted (during the month) 730 436

Community Engagement[edit]

  • Moriel Schottlender attended WikiWomenCamp 2017 in Mexico city.
  • The global collaboration team has attended Wikimania

News about the team[edit]

Global Collaboration team formed this month by merging the Language and Collaboration teams of the Wikimedia Foundation. The team is part of the Contributors department. Helpful links: