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Code review is at the heart of our development process. Any software contribution to MediaWiki or any other Wikimedia hosted project is reviewed and approved at before being merged to our Git repositories. The tool we use to handle code reviews is Gerrit.

All Gerrit users can review contributions but only maintainers have the special rights to approve or reject them.

Getting started[edit]

To quickly get a functioning pre-configured development installation of MediaWiki, including a virtual machine, MediaWiki source code, as well as all prerequisites and (optionally) various extensions, see MediaWiki-Vagrant. This is the recommended way of getting started with MediaWiki development.

To simply browse & fork our code you can use the GitHub mirror.

To make an anonymous git clone of core MediaWiki, git clone

To submit your first patch check the tutorial or its shorter version.

Your help reviewing changes is welcome! Learn how.

Tutorials & guidelines[edit]

Other useful documentation written for MediaWiki & Wikimedia developers:

Special cases[edit]

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