Gerrit/Code review/Code review hours


(see phab:T128371)


  • Setup regulary hours for code-review
  • Find an easy way to get changes review faster


  • Make Code review not stagnating
  • Give people an easy way to find people who would review their changes
  • For people who recived a -1, give them the possibilty to get a third opinion


Note: This is just a draft, and not fully implemented yet

  • Set up code review hour events multiple times a week
  • Ask reviewer to join this hour, and review patches where a review gets requested
  • As developer, search an event which fits for you, and join the channel #wikimedia-codereview connect. To request a review, we can choose one of the following methods:
    • Ask directly on the channel.
    • Provide a table like on wikitech:Deployment, where any developer can add max one patch per session, a format more suitable if there are several patches to review simultaneously so we can get some order and know what is still to be reviewed.
    • Sign up your patches for review at Phabricator (more bureaucracy).