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This page is a showcase of scripts/styles that can be added to MediaWiki:Common.css or Special:MyPage/common.css to modify the look and feel of existing skins. To document a skin that can be installed for MediaWiki, please do not add to this page and instead add a page to the MediaWiki skin namespace.

None of these skins are maintained by the MediaWiki core team; if you find an error or wish to leave feedback, contact their respective authors.

You can see a gallery of skins that are known to be obsolete at obsolete skins.


Download version 0.75
  • Based on: (not specified)
  • Author: Stinkfly
  • Compatible with MediaWiki version(s): (unknown)
  • Last updated: (unknown)
  • Description: This is a skin made by Stinkfly at Wikia to hopefully be made as one of Wikia's skins. You can see some screenshots at CentralWikia:User:Stinkfly/Skin.

Wolfbane skin has a very nice style in my opinion. Unfortunately, this skin seems no longer maintained by original author (Stinkfly), so I made a revised version. The screenshot is related to this modified version. Download Wolfbane modified version


  • Based on: (not specified)
  • Author: Noclip
  • Compatible with MediaWiki version(s): (unknown)
  • Last updated: (unknown)
  • Description: Read the whole story about this skin here.


Download version 1.0
  • Based on: (not specified)
  • Author: TI
  • Compatible with MediaWiki version(s): (unknown)
  • Last updated: (unknown)
  • Description: This skin is inspired in look and feel by, and built upon, Drone. However I did not like the toolboxes and navigational section hogging up the left of the screen: this makes the whole body of the article lose out on ScreenRealEstate.

I have retained only the navigational links and menus which I use. Some are drop down, some are inline. The search buttons are gone, only the box remains. A few ugly hacks, but don't know if I will get around to smoothing them.


Download version 0.1
  • Based on: (not specified)
  • Author: Chochem
  • Compatible with MediaWiki version(s): (unknown)
  • Last updated: (unknown)
  • Description: A magazine-column-style skin with a clean and inviting look, equally inspired by the and designs. The simple, no-nonsense layout ensures greater focus and readability. Use of the Droid Sans font is recommended for best results. Feedback goes here.

Released under the GPLv3.

Minerva Neue 2.0[edit]

Download version 4.1
  • Based on: Minerva Neue
  • Author: Natster101
  • Compatible with MediaWiki version(s): (unknown)
  • Last updated: 2021-07-23
  • Description: This skin is a modification of the existing Minerva Neue theme for mobile and desktop. It provides a sleek, modern, responsive interface that removes the clutter found in the default Vector theme. Some of its highlights include removing the sidebar and introducing a stuck header bar with beautiful translucency, a collapsible menu with simple options, a compact sidebar search UI, and a soft, rounded interface with an automatic dark mode.

Download Links:

To Install: Follow the instructions at

Bugs: To report any bugs, visit the GitHub page, and use the instructions listed there. Bug reports are greatly appreciated. Please note that the Dark Mode is experimental at this point, and some elements may not render correctly. Editing in Dark Mode is also guaranteed to be buggy, and it is recommended that it is turned off while editing.


Download version 1.0
  • Based on: Timeless
  • Author: TripleShortOfACycle
  • Compatible with MediaWiki version(s): (unknown)
  • Last updated: 2021-01-30
  • Description: A simple update to the Timeless skin that removes the scrolling header bar. This gives more room to view the page and will show the header bar again when the user scrolls back up to the top of the page.

To Download: CSS, JS

To Install: Copy the contents of CSS and JS above into your own global.css and global.js files on Meta Wikimedia.

Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

Vector Vanilla[edit]

Download version 1.1
  • Based on: Vector (2010)
  • Author: User:EstherLoer
  • Compatible with MediaWiki version(s): Successfully tested with 1.24 and 1.39
  • Last updated: 2022-06-25
  • Description: (no description provided.)