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The Flow team focuses on delivering a delightful experience for user-to-user interactions. WMF's Collaboration team (formerly named "Core Features, the team formerly known as 'Editor Engagement'") mainly works on Flow.

And some much-appreciated contributions from Facebook Open Academy students bencmq and wctaiwan, and other community developers.

See our pictures at Staff and contractors page. We're on IRC most of the time in #wikimedia-collaborationconnect

Team members share responsibility for the QA analyst role, roughly as follows:

  • engineers - maintaining regression test suite
  • spage - manual integration testing, reviewing browser tests (mostly developed by QA team especially Chris McMahon
  • all - exploratory testing
  • DannyH - assisting (himself) in acceptance criteria definition
  • ErikB - training and otherwise working with engineers in best-practices for assuring code and product quality

Team responsibilities[edit | edit source]

See Collaboration/Team/Roles and responsibilities.

Team documents[edit | edit source]

Archived Etherpad notes[edit | edit source]