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Users and Personas[edit]

Flow/MVP#Personas identifies key users for the first release.

The team identified additional users and detailed users


New editors
0-100 edits, high impact from receiving messages, clueless with respect to Wikipedia
Readers (+ special access needs)
may not have account; may have feedback, wants to help; may have special access requirements
-1 edit (i.e. no intention to edit), or may have edited
Content Contributors
range of experience & specialization; may have special requireemnts; may/may not use Flow
User experiencing harassment
frustrated; needs support (feel that system is on their side) ; needs to find appropriate venue
Content Curators (not vandal fighter)
experienced; high talk page usage; specialised workflows (may be improved); Gnomish; moderate tool usage; participates in clubs/WikiProjects
Vandal Fighter
leaves semi-auto messages in high volume; often terse due to incentives; often uses tools; often younger & inexperienced (doing it to "level up")
elevated privileges; experienced; high responsibility (legal issues); high participation in conversations; change averse
Tool users
technical, experienced; needs stable API
lots of conversations in lots of venues; experienced; change averse

Detailed users[edit]

Article interactions

  • Article Editor
  • Article assessor
  • Stub deletor
  • Stub creator
  • Featured Article writer

Discussion participants

  • article subject of a BLP (Biography of Living Person)
  • new article reviewer
  • pedant
  • project member
  • argumentative person/peanut gallery
  • lurker
  • Wikipediocracy troll
  • discussion moderator

Other kinds of users

  • auto-confirmed user
  • Patrollers
  • Image uploader
  • Template editor
  • Specialist project member
  • Template dropper
  • Article watcher

Special rights

  • Blocked user
  • Steward
  • Oversighter
  • Arbcom clerk

New users

  • newly signed-up user
  • welcomer

Q&A workflow

  • new user needing help
  • new user helper

Proposal workflow

  • Proposal writer

Deletion workflow

  • New uses whose page gets deleted
  • Experiencecd creator of soon-to-be-deleted article/image
  • Article deleter

Misc dispute workflows

  • moderate own talk page
  • Troller
  • Angry stalker
  • Arbcom case defendant
  • Blocking admin

Other considerations

  • Mobile device user
  • Impaired users
Automatic Tool user
  • Abusefilter
  • 3rd party apps
  • Bots
  • 3rd party engineers
  • Researchers (needs dumps)