Flow/Converting talk pages

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We have no plans to do this on any public wiki. There will be plenty of warning.

We manually follow these steps when Enabling Flow on individual talk pages, this is the automation to do it for all pages in a namespace.

The first, and so far only, wiki on which we've done this is "officewiki", the WMF's internal wiki.

First we convert any existing LiquidThreads pages to Flow boards, see Flow/Converting LiquidThreads.

What happens in conversion[edit]

  • "User:Flow talk page manager" moves existing talk page to Talk page name/Archive (/ArchiveN+1 if there are existing archive pages)
    • this archive page has a {{Archive for converted wikitext talk page|from=path/to/Flow board|date=2014-12-03}} template that wikis can customize.
  • takes the content of the page above the first section and adds it to the Flow board header.
    • For usertalkpages, a Notification email will be sent, and yellow bar Echo indicator will display. For enotifwatchlistpages, an email will be sent.
  • adds a {{Wikitext talk page converted to Flow|archive=path/Archive 1|date=2014-12-09}} template to the Flow board header, indicating conversion and linking to the archived page.
    • wikis can customize this template however they prefer.

Steps on local wiki[edit]

Recommended steps on the local wiki, with messages localized in local language.


  • Needs to check for namespace subpage setting
  • Needs to respect the guidelines for what is obsolete and can be archived
  • Talk pages exist in the WikiNow
  • ToDo: Subpages that are the talk pages for subpages in the related article namespace should also be converted, see phab:T76772