Flow/Converting talk pages

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The maintenance/convertNamespaceFromWikitext.php script archives existing Wikitext talk pages and converts them to new Flow boards.

What happens in conversion[edit]

  • "User:Flow talk page manager" moves existing talk page to Talk page name/Archive (/ArchiveN+1 if there are existing archive pages). Talk subpages are only converted if the corresponding non-talk page exists.
    • this archive page has a {{Archive for converted wikitext talk page|from=path/to/Flow board|date=2014-12-03}} template that wikis can customize.
  • takes the content of the page above the first section and adds it to the Flow board header.
    • For usertalkpages, a Notification email will be sent, and yellow bar Echo indicator will display. For enotifwatchlistpages, an email will be sent.
  • adds a {{Wikitext talk page converted to Flow|archive=path/Archive 1|date=2014-12-09}} template to the Flow board header, indicating conversion and linking to the archived page.
    • wikis can customize this template however they prefer.

Steps on local wiki[edit]

Recommended steps on the local wiki, with messages localized in local language.