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This page is intended for features that are currently not fully reflected in the feature map, but perhaps should be, after additional consideration of their strategic impact.

More project-specific features, e.g.

  • chapter/page management in Wikibooks
  • learning management system integration for Wikiversity

Interactive learning technologies

  • Quizzes (beyond quiz extension)
  • Interactive widgets to explain principles in physics, biology, etc.
  • Gnowledge-style learning dependency tracking


  • Mini-payment systems for translations, content creation, research funding, etc.

The semantic rabbit hole

  • Ontologies, inference engines, etc.

New project-y

  • Questions/answers type features (StackOverflow etc.)
  • How-to features


  • Reactivation of retired editors (falls somewhat under e-mail alerts)
  • Annotation tools
  • Drafts and article incubation features
  • Interest graph (an elaboration on WikiProject affiliation? "Follow this topic"; assign/suggest topics Quora-style)
  • Features optimized for game dynamics (cf. WikiHow's RC Patrol, Community Dashboard & more)