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The talk page now uses liquid threads, all open messages prior to liquid threads have been converted into a talk subpage and can be found here.
It is recommended to use SphinxSearch 0.8.5 and a recent stable release of Sphinx 2.1. Please bear in mind that this extension only handles the communication between MediaWiki and Sphinx and any specific issues related to the search feature (character sets, ability to search with *, search categories, minimum length on search terms etc.) are handled in Sphinx (see sphinx.conf file) and those questions should be redirected to the Sphinx forum.
The development on this extension is done on a voluntary basis and while this forum provides a platform to share experiences and solutions, it is up to its community members to fill in suggestions.


When seeking help and/or support, you might want to consider to mention your system environment (SphinxSearch Extension version, Sphinx version, MW version etc.) otherwise it might be difficult for people to make appropriate recommendations.

For Windows users and related issues see here, for Linux users and related issues see here, and some advice on how to configure a SQLite setup see here.

How to use Sphinx and Flow together?

Xk casper (talkcontribs)

After use the Flow to replace the NS_UserTalk,find that talk-page could not searched by Sphinx。

How to use Sphinx and Flow together?

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Mg169706 (talkcontribs)

If you use PHP7 you might get a warning about deprecated class constructors. The simplest thing to do here is to rename the existing constructor to __construct() and create a new stub function with the old constructor name. The stub function points to the new constructor, so it'll work in both PHP 4, 5 and 7. See example below.

// PHP 4 Constructor

     function SphinxClient () {



// PHP 7 Constructor

       function __construct () {

// Original constructor code goes here...


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Is there any chance to index uploaded files ?

BluAlien (talkcontribs)

Hi everybody. I would like to know if there is any chance to index uploded files such as pdf, doc, docx ecc. I used the FiledIndexer extension with Sphinx Search engine but this extention was retired because unsecure, and what I'm looking for is something similar

Thanks a lot in advance. Bye

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Is there a clear way to exclude articles in a particular category from indexing with Sphinx? I haven't been able to find a clear answer on this through lots of searching. I've found plenty of discussion on excluding categories form searches, but i want to have a specialized category such as "Category:NoIndex" excluded from even being indexed in the first place.

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Hi guys,I am trying to implement Did You Mean feature on my windows mediawiki setup,but none of three(Enchant,Aspell,Soundex) are working.

For soundex- I have included $wgSphinxSuggestMode = 'soundex'; in localsettings.php file and I am getting this error -"A database query error has occurred. This may indicate a bug in the software"

For enchant-I replaced soundex with 'enchant',I ran the following as per the instructions -

"C:\WINDOWS\system32>C:\xampp\php\php C:\xampp\apps\mediawiki\htdocs\extensions\S

phinxSearch\SphinxSearch_setup.php --sphinxconf C:\sphinx\bin\"

and I get this error-

The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect."

For aspell - When I try and install "Aspell-0-50-3-3-Setup.exe" I am getting a lot of errors and setup is not getting completed to move further

Could anyone please help me solve this.

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use of removed function breaks some searches in mw 1.27

2001:4898:80E8:D:0:0:0:34A (talkcontribs)

The following patch needs to be applied when running on 1.27.x. It took us a while to run into this issue so you may not see immediate breakage after upgrading. The change is what's recommended on Manual:Messages API#Deprecated wfMsg.2A functions.

diff --git a/extensions/SphinxSearch/SphinxMWSearch.php b/extensions/SphinxSearch/SphinxMWSearch.php

index 4aea2b6..a6bed43 100644

--- a/extensions/SphinxSearch/SphinxMWSearch.php

+++ b/extensions/SphinxSearch/SphinxMWSearch.php

@@ -226,7 +226,7 @@ class SphinxMWSearch extends SearchEngine {

global $wgContLang, $wgCanonicalNamespaceNames, $wgNamespaceAliases;

// "search everything" keyword

-               $allkeyword = wfMsgForContent( 'searchall' );

+               $allkeyword = wfMessage( 'searchall' )->inContentLanguage()->text();

$this->prefix_handlers[ $allkeyword ] = 'searchAllNamespaces';

$all_prefixes = array_merge(

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SphinxSearch fails for "...containing <keyword>" queries

NadimGhaznavi (talkcontribs)

I'm running MediaWiki 1.24.1 on CentOS 6.8 with a sphinx version 2.0.8-1.el6.i686 RPM from EPEL and the same version of sphinx-php RPM also from EPEL. Pretty vanilla stuff, I figured.

I've followed the install instructions and the troubleshooting instructions... several times!

SphinxSearch works, sort of. As you type it auto-completes your search with suggestions that match Wiki page titles and if you click on a match the page loads. So far so good.

But when I type something like "ABC" (and I have a couple of pages that start with the letters ABC), I get a "...containing ABC" option. When I choose that option, I get a "Page not found".

Help!!! :)

NadimGhaznavi (talkcontribs)

I forgot to mention the version of the SphinxSearch MediaWiki extension: 0.9.0. (talkcontribs)

Same Problem here. Any advice would be much appreciated

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AmazingTrans (talkcontribs)

After i installed the extension into mediawiki/htdocs/extensions/SphinxSearch

What does this step 3 means? There isn't any file name indexer. How do i run this?

Step 3 - Run Sphinx Indexer

Run the sphinx indexer to prepare for searching:

/path/to/sphinx/installation/bin/indexer --config /path/to/sphinx.conf --all (talkcontribs)

in the terminal run: which indexer

This will output the path to "indexer". On my install the location is : /usr/local/bin/indexer

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2A03:2900:7:73:0:0:0:2 (talkcontribs)

Hello is it possible to connect to Sphinix socket instead of TCP-port. For example: $wgSphinxSearch_host='unix:/run/sphinxsearch/searchd.sock';

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Where is the width of the column the results are shown in set?

WhitWye (talkcontribs)

It's narrower than I'd like. I'd found where to tweak this to wider a few years ago, but forget where and didn't make a note of it.

This post was posted by WhitWye, but signed as Whit.

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