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hello we are looking for a single sign on solution for a wikifamily in an edu environment. meaning, we have a growing number of wikis that share a pool wiki, where all media documents are stored. what we need is a solution to single sign on for all wikis in the family. because the wikis are crosslinked and we don't want users to log in every time they browse a different wiki. also, we would like set on each individual wiki group based user access. is it possible to run this setup with your extension are my expectations too far fetched? thank you, best sing fink

Wiki Farm Use Case[edit]


the Shibboleth Authentication Plus extension satisfies exactly the requirements you describe in your use case.

Few errors[edit]

MEDIAWIKI VERSION-Mediawiki 1.16.0
Trying to integrate the Shibboleth Authentication Plus Plugin with Mediawiki 1.16.0
I have downloaded this extension and I found few errors in the way the variables are used as follows.
1.The variable $orgunidn is misspelled in "else if($orgunitdn=="")" in ShibAuthPlusPlugin.php.
2.While assigning the variable $shib_GRP=$groups the variable $groups should be treated as array with index in ShibAuthPlusPlugin.php.
Anybody is welcome to suggest or comment if they feel the above changes are not necessary in the code or give their own thoughts. Thanks