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This is a VERY cool extension.
I found myself playing around with it for 5-10 minutes at the Manchester University site. Very nicely done. Modify the URL to use "split=2" for another view.
Cheers to Rick - well done.
Jaymer - Florida

I'd like the code![edit]

Hello I can be reached at nate@fradeycat.com or nathan_engquist@hotmail.com

I'm trying to make it simple for users of my wiki to add a map to each article they do. The difficult part is I am using the FCKeditor integrated into MW 1.10.1

thanks, Nate!

Please send me the code for this extension[edit]


I need to create a map which gives all of the points in the wiki. I'm finding it really hard to do using googlemaps, maps, SMW googlemaps, or any of those with DLP. I could do it manually, but your extension might be exactly what I'm looking for. I'd love to try it out. Please send it to dcowiehm AT hotmail.com.

Thanks, Duncan