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This is the feedback page for the RevisionSlider extension. Read about what we've learned about creating a RTL-accessible extension. Please report all RTL-related issues on this talk page!

Zblace (talkcontribs)

Hi! Love your work and was curious if it would be possible to render with some distinction big periods of non-editing time as gaps?

It would be great to start with visualization showing the waveform of actual start to present with gaps *(even if that view is just one static image at the start), so that one can see quickly what was chronological dynamics over time.

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Running horizontal at the top of the page just takes up more of the already limited vertical space. Also, we're used to time "running vertically" from the history listing, so a tool with time running vertically fits in better with how our brains work!  :-) (talkcontribs)

Myself, I do not see this as an issue. Horizontal line is clear and interaction with it (seems to me) simpler than it would be with a vertical line.

The functionality is superb, congrats Wikipedia team.

N2e (talkcontribs)

I, too, would much prefer a vertical presentation of the graphical data. (or, an option to select one or the other as user-selected default). ~~~~

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Please show who last added, deleted, or reworded text in multi-edit history view

Efbrazil (talkcontribs)

What's really needed here is a tooltip when I hover over a change, and the tooltip shows me the last user to edit the text where I'm hovering, the date they made the change, and their comments for the change. There could be more UI than that, but attribution of changes in multi-edit view is the key issue that needs to be fixed. I suppose that could be done in a more complicated way using the histogram chart that is being created here, but it seems like an unnecessary complication.

There are 10 bugs asking for edit attribution as a feature and it was a top rated user request. See bug T2639: [Epic] Add feature annotate/blame command, to indicate who last changed each line / word

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Semon (talkcontribs)

The RevisionSlider would be much more useful if you could filter, which changes are displayed: I am missing a filter by author: If you see some changes on a page which are not neutral for example. Then it would be useful to check which other changes were done by this author (and no: the history of the edits of this author helps only if the edits were not done over a long time frame).

Thiemo Kreuz (WMDE) (talkcontribs)

I'm afraid this request is a bit out of the scope of this project. RevisionSlider currently does not provide any filter. Instead, we are currently investigating possibilities to highlight edits, e.g. edits by a specific user. At the same time other teams are working on RecentChanges and Watchlist filters. Please check this out: Edit Review Improvements/New filters for edit review.

N2e (talkcontribs)

+1 on the idea of a future useful feature. Call it a "raw requirement" based on user input; and file it away with whatever project might benefit from this user input. Cheers.

2601:646:C700:1C70:48DA:DC29:2E3E:9F60 (talkcontribs)

Baffling. I'm looking for a particular edit. This is not helping my search based on the edit's content. You may still use this, I just want to turn it off and go back to before.

Thiemo Kreuz (WMDE) (talkcontribs)

I'm sorry? RevisionSlider is not meant to replace the history. What makes you believe this is the case?

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Taranet (talkcontribs)

Please make the RevisionSlider right-to-left for languages like Persian, Arabic, etc. Thanks.

Thiemo Kreuz (WMDE) (talkcontribs)

I'm not sure what the problem is. The extension was extensively tested on RTL wikis, and still seems to work: Example. What are you missing?

IKhitron (talkcontribs)

I use it a lot in RTL.

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[Bug] Color of the knob

Summary by Thiemo Kreuz (WMDE)
Pyll0 (talkcontribs)

The instruction says "To compare certain revisions, select the revisions using the yellow and blue knobs. [...] blue knob controls the newer revision, the yellow knob maps to the older revision.", but the interface shows green controls the newer revision, the red knob maps to the older revision. Please review the discrepancy. Thank you.

Thiemo Kreuz (WMDE) (talkcontribs)

On which wiki are you experiencing this? Many wikis provide a user setting (usually in the gadgets section) to set the orange/blue color scheme back to the older red/green color scheme. It appears like you have this enabled. Can you please check if this is the case?

Pyll0 (talkcontribs)

Hi Thiemo, am experiencing this on Wikipedia. This is the first time I learned that the colors could be customized. However, I could not identify such settings under Gadgets tab and Beta features tab. Could you provide more details? (talkcontribs)

Technically, at least in some cases this is deliberate. For instance the Visual diffs deliberately sets the color to green/red. See mediawiki.org/w/index.php?title=Multimedia/Standup_notes/2017/June&type=revision&diff=2503669&oldid=2501914&visualdiff&diffmode=visual

It might make more sense to change the instructions to refer to Top knob and bottom knob. That way it will be accurate regardless of color .

Pyll0 (talkcontribs)

Hi Wiki-er, your explanation is insightful. It is okay if the colors cannot be set in my case. I know better about how the system works now.

Hope my feedback will be an input to the design team.

Thiemo Kreuz (WMDE) (talkcontribs)

That was all very helpful, thanks a lot! I found multiple scripts that change the color scheme from yellow/blue to something else, typically red/green. In your case it's most probably the "Visual differences" Beta feature. I like the idea to change the text and will suggest exactly that. Now tracked in phab:T247662.

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Rugk (talkcontribs)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spezial:Diff/196198177, a special link redirecting you to the diff with ID 196198177.
  2. Now click on that slider somewhere else (choose ano0ther diff via single click).
  3. Look at the URL!

What happens:

The URL changes for one second when I click to choose another diff – to the correct other URL/ID, but changes back. directly afterwards

It stays on: https://de.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?diff=196198177&diffmode=visual

What should happen:

A different URL should be shown.


Exaqctly for that diff tool in https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spezial:Diff I do need to find the IDs (I usually copy them from that URL), so this makes it impossible here.

Firefox 72

Ainz Ooal Gown (talkcontribs)

Looks like RevisionSlider and VisualDiff extension are conflicting with each other. Please follow the steps written in How_to_report_a_bug and report this issue to Phabricator.

Rugk (talkcontribs)
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Wuerzele (talkcontribs)

sorry, I might be the minority here, but for me this thing doesnt seem worth the time.

the german wikipedia community needs to pay attention to better sourcing ( Einzelnachweise!) or get other bread and butter tools which the English wikipedia has built in, IMO, rather than dwelling on this revision gadget..

Foiled circuitous wanderer (talkcontribs)

I find the vertical scale unintelligible. Why do selected revisions have bars going up, and some have bars going down? And why are the bars different lengths

Singed off Foiled circuitous wanderer

Christoph Jauera (WMDE) (talkcontribs)

Hi @Foiled circuitous wanderer,

the vertical scale of the slider represents the general size of the change done to a revision. The bigger the bar the bigger the change. - If the bar goes up it means that there was more text added to a revision than removed. If the bar goes down it's the other way around.

I hope that clears things up for you :-),



2001:A61:2B70:CD01:9567:1834:E7:EBFF (talkcontribs)

I feel like this is quite intuitive for programmers used to versioning and diff software, such as Git, SVN, KDiff, WinMerge etc. but to everyone else it's probably unclear.

I am a programmer, so I am not sure if I might be underestimating non-programmers in this case.

Side note: Personally, I love the Revision Slider and I see myself using it a lot!

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RevisionSlider is a helpful tool

Summary by Christoph Jauera (WMDE)
N2e (talkcontribs)

I found the graphical representation of the revision history, with colors for net-add edits and a diff color for net-substract edits helpful.

I think it would be very useful to have a scale shown on the w:ordinate axis (Cartesian ordinate), in order to have rough order of magnitude of the ''size'' of the edit being reflected in the bar graph. Was it 10 chars? 100? 1000? 5000+? etc.

Christoph Jauera (WMDE) (talkcontribs)
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