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Latest comment: 13 years ago by JanPaul123 in topic A few thoughts

A few thoughts

The ideas into a visual

HI JanPaul123, I wasn't sure where to leave these comments, so I'll add them here.

What I've seen from "Sentence-level editing" looks great an I think it will make our lives a lot easier. A few points as feedback in no particular order:

  • I suggest makking the summary/publish part an element that floats (position:fixed) at the bottom of the page
    • This way it isn't prompted before editing, but people don't have to scrol down (or up) to see it for the first time and/or get (back) to it.
    • Since the summary is floating, there is no longer a above/below fold distance between "Preview" and "Publish"
  • Make the "edit mode"-buttons full width so that they look like tabs instead of buttons and that they visuall connect to the page below (just like the navigation tabs on top of the page also fade into the page.
    • This causes the suggestion that the options affect the entire page and not just the help-section
  • In the mockup I've also slimmed the line-height and text-size within the help-section a little bit since it was so big (default size) that an almost no monitor available to me would I even see as much as the name of the page above the editable page. (ie. below the fold)
  • Add example-snippet in help information about References also to the Sentence-edit help-section. Main reason being that these are added in Sentene mode, having to skip back and forth is not behaviour one should expect from an end-user
  • Have section-edit links default to "Section" mode. Ideally it would also recognize Lists and References but I believe this is near impossible since from knowing the section-number this can't be detected. However, when the end user clearly make an action towards editing the section, the least we can do is default to that
  • Since the summary is floating, section edit-links may as well #jump to the correct part of the page.

Krinkle 03:23, 2 January 2011 (UTC)Reply

Hey Krinkle. You have some interesting points and a beautiful mockup!
  • The floating bar is an interesting idea. Personally, I get quite annoyed by these floating things, but you have some valid points that justify it. Perhaps some more usability or expert research should point out whether to do this or not.
  • I want to get rid of the edit modes altogether, as usability research pointed out that users do not understand this concept. Instead, I'd like to propose an interface in which all the different levels are instantly visible and editable. There are a few ways to do this, and I'll present them later (in some months, unfortunately I'm quite busy right now) on wikitech-l.
  • The current edit modes also double as a help center. I'd like to keep this concept, but perhaps make it foldable to save even more screen estate. Your proposal of making the buttons look more like tabs is an excellent one. I'm also thinking about integrating the current edit toolbar to the individual edit boxes. This also includes a "Help" tab. Perhaps this more localised information will be better than having it at the top of the page.
JanPaul123 13:15, 2 January 2011 (UTC)Reply