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Anchor links are not working any more

Lucd (talkcontribs)

When enabling this plugin, links to an anchor are disappearing.

For example if a link is defined as: [[#See here]], it will not be displayed at all (instead of #See here).

I am using using mediawiki 1.27.1 and HidePrefix plugin version (a26af83) (ie master branch on 16th november 2016).

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Will this extension affected alphabetical lists, such as Category pages? Or will the items still appear as if the namespace were there?

(M) User:John/My blog (N) Never Ending Story


(N) Never Ending Story (U) User:Johm/My blog

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Page tab uses Namespace, not title

1 (talkcontribs)

The tab for the namespaced page has the namespace in it rather than the page title.

Eg, "HR:Code of Conduct" has page title "Code of Conduct", and appears this way everywhere except the tab on the page -- which says "HR".

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HidePrefix not working with PHP 5.2

Cheeyang (talkcontribs)

HidePrefix use __DIR__ that is not support in PHP 5.2. (talkcontribs)

had the same problem. Added this line before the entry point if statement:

if( !defined( __DIR__ ) )define( __DIR__, dirname( __FILE__ ) );

that fixed it.

Van de Bugger (talkcontribs)

Fixed in the last version, should work with PHP 5.2 now.

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Works with 1.19.1 and PHP 5.3

1 (talkcontribs)

Thanks, this is a very helpful extension!

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Works perfect on old 1.16.x

Planetenxin (talkcontribs)

So far, I had no issues with MW 1.16.x

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