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Not yet working with MediaWiki 1.39?

Totina (talkcontribs)

Dear Van de Bugger,

is it possible that this extension is not (yet?) working with MediaWiki 1.39.0? I've tried the following:

- upgraded an existing MediaWiki installation from 1.35.8 to 1.39.0 and re-installed the appropriate version of HidePrefix => not working but also no visible errors

- quickly installed a blank MediaWiki 1.39.0 with HidePrefix only (eventually also the older versions of it as well as the latest master from Git) => not working but also no visible errors

- quickly installed a blank MediaWiki 1.35.8 with the appropriate older version of HidePrefix => working!

I assume I'm too early...


Derf Jagged (talkcontribs)

I am running into the same issue. (talkcontribs)

Swap the center portion to

$title = Title::newFromText( $html );

$targetTitle = Title::newFromLinkTarget( $target );

if ( $title !== null && $targetTitle && $title->getPrefixedText() == $targetTitle->getPrefixedText() ) {

$text = $target->getText();

} (talkcontribs)

Can then remove most of the other checks (talkcontribs)

Sorry.... this

public static function onHtmlPageLinkRendererBegin(LinkRenderer $linkRenderer, LinkTarget $target,

&$text, &$extraAttribs, &$query, &$ret) {

if ( ! isset( $text ) ) {

$text = $target->getText();

return true;


$html = HtmlArmor::getHtml( $text );

title = Title::newFromText( $html );

$targetTitle = Title::newFromLinkTarget( $target );

if ( $title !== null && $targetTitle && $title->getPrefixedText() == $targetTitle->getPrefixedText() ) {

$text = $target->getText();


return true;

} (talkcontribs)

The problem is that most of the link text lately comes as HtmlArmor

Celess22 (talkcontribs)

Sorry i wasn't logged in. Any questions please let me know

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Bug: Capitalizes The First Letter of link text

EvilPastaSalad (talkcontribs)

Unfortunately, a bug nobody told me about. This extension has the unfortunate side-effect of causing the first letter of the link display text on every link to be capitalized when only the title of the page is used as a link and when the link isn't piped whether or not you typed the first letter of the page title as a large or small letter within the link; where otherwise MediaWiki would let you use a minuscule character for the first character of the page title name within the brackets. As a result, unless I want to do a manual piping on every single link, I now end up with links to pages that aren't proper names and shouldn't be capitalized... displaying as capitalized. It's very awkward.

This is unfortunate, as this makes the wiki looks just about as ugly as it would have been with CategoryName: in the page title prefix. Very unfortunate. Looking for an alternative. Feel free to suggest alternatives.

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Anchor links are not working any more

Lucd (talkcontribs)

When enabling this plugin, links to an anchor are disappearing.

For example if a link is defined as: [[#See here]], it will not be displayed at all (instead of #See here).

I am using using mediawiki 1.27.1 and HidePrefix plugin version (a26af83) (ie master branch on 16th november 2016).

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Will this extension affected alphabetical lists, such as Category pages? Or will the items still appear as if the namespace were there?

(M) User:John/My blog (N) Never Ending Story


(N) Never Ending Story (U) User:Johm/My blog

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Page tab uses Namespace, not title

1 (talkcontribs)

The tab for the namespaced page has the namespace in it rather than the page title.

Eg, "HR:Code of Conduct" has page title "Code of Conduct", and appears this way everywhere except the tab on the page -- which says "HR".

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HidePrefix not working with PHP 5.2

Cheeyang (talkcontribs)

HidePrefix use __DIR__ that is not support in PHP 5.2. (talkcontribs)

had the same problem. Added this line before the entry point if statement:

if( !defined( __DIR__ ) )define( __DIR__, dirname( __FILE__ ) );

that fixed it.

Van de Bugger (talkcontribs)

Fixed in the last version, should work with PHP 5.2 now.

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Works with 1.19.1 and PHP 5.3

1 (talkcontribs)

Thanks, this is a very helpful extension!

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Works perfect on old 1.16.x

Planetenxin (talkcontribs)

So far, I had no issues with MW 1.16.x

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