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Latest comment: 15 years ago by Jldupont in topic Reworking of this Extension
  • Can Someone verify this is working on MediaWiki v1.9.3? It doesn't seem to work on mine. I get no results, it shows nothing at all. Thanks! Example: <cshow Logged="1">Extension:ConditionalShow</cshow>
    • You should specify an 'ingroup' parameter for it to work (tested it on 1.9.3). I have primarily developped this extension to show sections of wikitext for my 'sysop' user account. I realize that I haven't included functionality to list the basic groups ('*' and 'user'): I have corrected this shortcoming in v1.4. Jean-Lou Dupont
  • Is it possible it does't work with mediawiki v1.6? I receive the following message in my error log: Call to undefined function: recursivetagparse() . Your help would be appreciated. Ralph
  • I am working on MediaWiki v1.10.0 and I have a problem whith the extension. I write on my Wiki: <cshow Logged="1" InGroup="user">Text for logged</cshow> <cshow Logged="0" InGroup="*">Text for others</cshow> And I can see text for logged and text for others when I'm logged... Sébastien
    • A logged user (aka `user`) is also part of the group `*`; that's why a logged user would see text you had intended only for the '*' users. Also note that this extension is not `parser cache` friendly. [user:jldupont] 12:02, 1 July 2007 (UTC)Reply
  • I am trying to get this extension to work, but whenever I add <cshow Logged="1" InGroup="sysop">Text to show sysops only.</cshow> that is exactly what ends up displayed on the screen, cshow tags and all. Is there a setting I am missing that needs to be set or changed? I'm using the latest stable version 1.10 of mediawiki (downloaded 7/9/07). I have ExtensionFunctions.php in my extension directory along with ConditionalShowSection.php, and have added include("extensions/ConditionalShowSection.php"); to LocalSettings.php. 14:52, 11, July 2007 (UTC)
    • I posted the above comment. Make sure you name your files correctly. Doh!

Reworking of this Extension[edit]

Could this extension work with a different user group that sysop? I'm wanting to set up a specific group on my wiki that I can add people to, where they have no other powers (they're regular, authorized users), but they will be able to make use of this extension. --Ishmayl

Hi - I do not support this extension anymore - I would advise to use Extension:ConditionalContent instead. Jean-Lou Dupont 01:22, 11 June 2008 (UTC)Reply