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Pre LQT Discussions[edit]

High load on server because of many page requests -- is it possible to leave out apache?[edit]


I've got a problem with my own mediawiki and mwserve combination. My mediawiki runs with apache2 on a small server and its load gets high, as soon as 5 pages are loaded simultaneously: The server is limp. Therefore, the generation of bigger books kills the server.

One solution would be trivial: mw-serve should load the pages directly from the database instead via a http connection. So does the extension pdfbook which I tested: It can generate a 200 page book within seconds.

Any suggestions, how I can leave out the apache2 while giving mw-serve the necessary data?

Best regard, --Mquintus 23:18, 28 February 2011 (UTC)Reply

Bug:Server Problem Generating PDF[edit]

Hi everyone,
I'm maintaining a wiki for the company I'm working for, and I'm trying to set up the collection extension. Everythings is going fine for creating and saving a book, but as for uploading book as a pdf file or displaying it thanks to PediaPress, the uploading stops at 1% and I have the following eror message :

Une erreur est survenue sur le serveur de rendu : RuntimeError: RuntimeError: command failed with returncode 256: ['mw-zip', '-o', u'cache/eb/eb52efc743de7be0/collection.zip', '-m', u'cache/eb/eb52efc743de7be0/metabook.json', '--status', u'qserve://localhost:14311/eb52efc743de7be0:makezip', '--config', u'http://canopy-energy.com/MediaWiki/mediawiki-1.16.0', '--template-blacklist', u'MediaWiki:PDF Template Blacklist', '--template-exclusion-category', u"Exclure lors de l'impression", '--print-template-prefix', u'Imprimer', '--print-template-pattern', u'$1/Imprimer', '--username', u'WIKINOPY', '--password', '{OMITTED}', '--domain', u'https'] Last Output: attern only. 1% creating nuwiki in u'cache/eb/eb52efc743de7be0/tmpQ4gSFr/nuwiki' /home/tools/local/lib/python2.6/site-packages/mwlib-0.12.14-py2.6-linux-x86_64.egg/mwlib/metabook.py:220: DeprecationWarning: deprecated call get('mw_license_url') if l.get('mw_license_url'): /home/tools/local/lib/python2.6/site-packages/mwlib-0.12.14-py2.6-linux-x86_64.egg/mwlib/metabook.py:235:...ect

My wiki cannot be edit or read by an '*' unlogged user, and as I keeped the default use of pediawiki server in my local setting I have those two lines :
$wgCollectionMWServeCredentials = 'WIKINOPY:Password';
I also tryied with $wgCollectionMWServeCredentials = 'WIKINOPY:Password:http://canopy-energy.com'; and as I thought the problem was that the server couldn't log to my wiki I even tryed with all permissions (read, edit...) set to true for unlogged users, but I still have the same eror!
Is anyone willing to help me?

Solution!!! & BAG[edit]

WARNING!! You nide set:

$wgScriptPath = "/w"; 

If $wgScriptPath - empty THEN you have ERROR ":command failed with returncode 256"

It tested on ubuntu 12.04 LTS + mediawiki 1.20.02

Решение (Use google translete rus->your lingva)[edit]

Эта ошибка появляется если переменная $wgScriptPath = ""; - т.е. пустая. Эта переменная указывает на папку в которой лежит вики относительно DocumentRoot указанного в файле описания VirtualHost. Т.о. если DocumentRoot указывает на папку с вики то $wgScriptPath = ""; - д.б пустым. Рекомендуется

1. переложить вики в подпапку "/w",

2. указать $wgScriptPath = "/w";

3. в папку указанную в DocumentRoot положить файл index.html с перенаправлением на ../w/index.php


<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=http://http://ya.ru/">


I could not / did not want to change my set-up (using MediaWiki 1.19). So I set

$wgScriptPath = "/./"

which seems to work well so far.

Solution ?[edit]


J'ai eu le même problème que vous. Vous utilisez probablement un wiki verrouillé pour utilisateurs authentifiés. De ce fait, le site créateur du PDF (pediapress) ne peut se connecter à votre wiki pour récupérer les informations et renvoyer le PDF. Pour que cela fonctionne, vous devez définir un login et un password spécifique pour pediapress, par exemple : $wgCollectionMWServeCredentials = "pediapress:toto" et également créer ce compte sur votre wiki pour que le site de pediapress puisse s'y connecter. Le nom de domaine est inutile, je pense. En revanche, si vous travaillez en localhost, le firewall empêchera de toute façon pediapress de se connecter au wiki : l'extension Collection fonctionne essentiellement en ligne, ou vous devrez installer PDF-writer pour pouvoir l'utiliser en local (et ça demande un paramétrage supplémentaire.

Bon courage (désolé de ne pas avoir rédigé en anglais...)

Olivier Marlet

openZIM server set up[edit]


is there anywhere a detailed manual how to set up a server (Ubuntu) for using the Collection extension with the openZIM format? Couldn't find one...

Thanks and greetings, --Filburt 12:40, 5 April 2011 (UTC)Reply

indeed, how to enable zim export? if i put in localsettings:

$wgCollectionFormats = array( 'rl' => 'PDF','odf' => 'ODT'); no OpenZIM appears.

What string to specify zim? Do i need to install the writer, or is it done on the PediaPress-server like PDF??

Thanx!, great feature. 20:59, 12 September 2011 (UTC)Reply

LQT based discussions[edit]