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Is this extension still maintained? Any plans for a stable version? Is it safe to use it?

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How experimental is it?

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This extension is marked experimental, but it would add significant value to a local wiki I am running. How experimental is it? Does it basically provide all the described features yet and just has not thouroughly been tested, or is it still early development stage?

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The readme says "You have to apply the mediawiki_core.patch in order to make the CollaborativeWatchlist work with mediawiki. After applying the patch append the following line to LocalSettings.php"

What is this patch and where do i get it/how do i apply it? I tried google and got nothing... (talkcontribs)

ok so i found the patch file, and using SSH applied the following command...

patch -i mediawiki_core.patch -p 1

Then i get a prompt asking which file i would like to patch. Any ideas?

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