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Latest comment: 14 years ago by Danwe in topic Why not for non existent pages?

Why not for non existent pages?[edit]

I'd like to use this extension to create links for non existent pages with ?preload=xxx?action=edit to create a new article when clicking on this link and preloading some text. But another problem is, that I have some pages with ? in the name like Template:?, Template:?! and some else which probably won't work anymore with links. So another link syntax would be the best solution to avoid problems with ? in pagenames. --Danwe 18:08, 11 December 2009 (UTC)Reply

versions 1.14 and up only[edit]

This extension only works for MW 1.14 and newer, because the LinkBegin hook was introduced in 1.14. The comment saying it may work on older versions can be removed.

replace split -> explode[edit]

must be replaced in line 66 (due to Php 5.3)

Special:WantedPages is flooded with these entries[edit]

Special:WantedPages sees all links from extension (example File:Document.pdf?page=10) as wanted pages. The "?" & "=" are unescaped so they will be links to (from example File:Document.pdf%3Fpage%3D10) when followed for fixing.