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Welcome to the MediaWiki extension matrix. This listing is updated each night by a bot based on the entries in Category:Extensions. You have full control over the style and content of this page by editing Template:ExtensionMatrixHeader and Template:ExtensionMatrix. The source code for this bot is available at User:Alterego/ExtensionMatrix/Source code. Don't edit the source code of this page directly - it will be overwritten. Instead edit the source code of the extension page.

Name Description MediaWiki Version Updated Page Edited Talk Page Edited Created Author
Version1 May 2013 Shows version and possible updates for extensions loaded via Git 1 May 2013 1 Oct 2013 3 May 2013 30 Apr 2013 Daniel Schuba

ZeroRatedMobileAccess Provides features for mobile providers that provide free access to Wikipedia 1 Oct 2013 15 Jan 2013 21 Dec 2011 Yuri Astrakhan

ExternalLinks16 Nov 2012 Returns a list of all external links on the wiki 1.12 16 Nov 2012 1 Oct 2013 2 Aug 2013 29 Jun 2012 Subfader

Submission Upload12 Sep 2013 Makes it easier for those who are not familiar with the upload process to do everything correctly 12 Sep 2013 2 Oct 2013 1 Oct 2013 1 Oct 2013 VolodyA! V Anarhist

RHINO5 Sep 2013 Adds a special page as well as <video> tag that can play any external Ogg video by generating valid HTML5 code. 5 Sep 2013 2 Oct 2013 1 Oct 2013 1 Oct 2013 VolodyA! V Anarhist