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MediaWiki extensions manual
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Release status: unmaintained
Implementation Tag
Description Renders x3d in a Java Applet
Author(s) Luc Yriarte (Lyriartetalk)
Latest version rev 0.1
License Open Source (BSD)
Download php extension x3d.php Java Applet binary x3d.jar

Check usage and version matrix.


Use this extension to render x3d content directly in MediaWiki. All content between <x3d> and </x3d> tags is passed to a Java applet. No additional plugin is required on the client side.

x3d tags recognized

  • DEF / USE
  • Transfom: translation, rotation, scale, position, orientation
  • Appearance.Material.diffuseColor
  • Shape: Sphere, Cylinder, Cone, Box, IndexedFaceSet

Note: The only parameters recognised for the X3D tag are the applet's width and height in pixels, the rest is ignored.


All the code is open sourced under the BSD licence.

You need to add a x3d folder under extensions with x3d.php and x3d.jar inside.


Then add the line below to your LocalSettings.php.




  • Ligth sources not supported
  • Texture mapping not supported
  • Transparency not supported
  • Interpolators not supported - maybe later


  • Uses the org.json Java classes to parse xml code for x3d. The org.json classes are also open-source.

Using x3d.jar as an applet

<applet code="org.yriarte.x3d.X3dApplet.class"  width="400" height="400" archive="x3d.jar">
  <param name="scene" 
   value="<X3D><Scene><Shape><Cone height='25' bottomRadius='10'/></Shape></Scene></X3D>">

Using x3d.jar on the command line

java -jar x3d.jar foobar.x3d

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