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see also: Microsoft Word Macros


This page is for the user documentation for the Word2MediaWikiPlus-Converter. It is far from being complete. As this is a wiki, you are invited to add some text yourself.

The Word2MediaWikiPlus-Converter is written in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and thus a word macro. The words macro and converter mean the same.

More information and download can be found on the project page.


This topic is covered on the project page: Extension:Word2MediaWikiPlus/old_project_page#Installation.


When you start the converter for the first time, you need to configure it according to your system.

Press the button: Configure Word2MediaWikiPlus on your symbol bar. Alternatively, you can run the macro (Alt+F8): Word2MediaWikiPlus_Config

You can choose your language here. The language is needed for the image uploading function.
  • If the language does not match the installation language of your wiki, image uploading may not function.
  • If the language does not match your MS-Office language, image uploading with MS-Photo Editor will not function. HTML is fine.
  • Most messages are hard coded with English, so you will not see much effect.
  • You can help translating the macro: Translation.
Image Path
All images the converter extracts are stored here.
Choose any directory or make a new one (if you use a non existing directory, it will be created automatically)
URL wiki test system
To open the pages in your wiki, the address must be put here.
Just copy the complete URL of any article here and delete the article name
It may look like this: http://scratchpad.wikia.com/index.php?title= or like this http://scratchpad.wikia.com/wiki depending if you use a short url or not.
Use the "check searchpage" buttons to verify the correct address.
Tab steps to filename
This is important for the automatic image upload.
Depending on your browser and your symbol bars the number varies.
Firefox 2.0 now seems to need always 1, which makes it simple. Firefox 1.5 has some issues while uploading, does not work.
Internet Explorer usually takes 2.
Simulate upload to see if it works correctly. All fields in the upload dialog should get the right content.
Image Upload Function
  • use HTML
  • old mode: use MS Photo Editor. Since this is somewhat difficult, it is no longer supported.
Allow articles without category
In my humble opinion, it is best to add at least one category to each article and to each category, so you get a hierarchical structure.
If you mark this, empty categories in the Document converting dialog will result in no category at all.

Document conversion[edit]

Make sure the macro files are in your project NORMAL

  1. Save your Word-Document before you convert!
    The macro will not overwrite the original word file. But for safety reasons do not work with your original.
  2. Run the macro, a configuration dialog will appear.

And what might be the name of the macro we want to run??? I see 11 macros there and at least 10 of them are installed by mediawiki.

  1. If everything works out, the data will be in your clipboard: Just paste the text into your wiki editor.