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Release status: stable

Implementation Tag
Description Enables the use of hieroglyphs with additional syntaxes
Author(s) Guillaume Blanchard, Max Semenik and others
License GPL
A2 B4 C6 D8
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The WikiHiero extension allows to add Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs from a text written according to the Hieroglyph coding manual syntax.


Look at the Hieroglyph coding manual for details.

In brief:

- separator
: subdivision
* juxtaposition
! end of line

Each hieroglyph is given a unique code:

  • A letter [A-Z + Aa] that represents the hieroglyph category (human, god, bird, etc.)
  • A number that represents the rank in this category [1-...]

This unique code is an extension of Gardiner's list of hieroglyph.
The Hieroglyph coding manual also allows using the more common phonemes as well as unique code.

For details, see WikiHiero's syntax.


  • Download and place the file(s) in a directory called wikihiero in your extensions/ folder.
  • Add the following code at the bottom of your LocalSettings.php:
require_once "$IP/extensions/wikihiero/wikihiero.php";
  • YesY Done - Navigate to Special:Version on your wiki to verify that the extension is successfully installed.

Then try with some example wiki text like this:

<hiero>A1</hiero> which should produce the following output:



Version history[edit]

Version number Details
0.2.0 New parser
0.2.1 Fix link to hieroglyph tables
  • Fix hieroglyph size when into a cartouche
  • Fix phonemes table to use 'Aa' category rather than 'J'
0.2.3 Add Swedish interface
0.2.4 Add Japanese and Dutch interface
  • Fix Swedish interface
  • Create a function to handle language entries lack
  • Change 'height' option by a 'scale' (in percentage)
  • Add a 'line' option to split text lines
0.2.6 * Add source annotation.
  • Support of both '-' and ' ' as separator
  • Add parsing process duration.
  • Add download section
  • Add Chinese interface.
  • Minor fix
0.2.9 This version is running at http://test.wikipedia.org/
  • Add Esperanto interface.
  • Fix cartouche size
  • Add Interlingua and Portuguese interface.
  • Fix cartouche images
0.2.11 XHTML 1.0 validation
0.2.15 incoming...
  • Add Català, Deutsch, Español and Latina interface.
  • Add a setting file for project specific features.
1.0 Major rewrite, now uses HTML5, CSS and written using OOP. Introduces a new special page, Hieroglyphs, for interactive experimentation with markup.

Todo list[edit]

  • Add number converter
  • Add space as a separator (like '-')
  • Add bracket support
  • Fix cartouche rendering (90%)
  • Optimize parser (avoid buffer reallocation)
  • Comment the source
  • Add individual glyph scale
  • Create CSS only rendering version (30%)
  • Add support for shading (need CSS)
  • Add individual glyph rotation (for image rendering)
  • Add support for comment and annotation code
  • Create image rendering (for far future)
  • Add red font

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