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Screenshot of the new player in action
Example video player

The VideoJS Player is the replacement video player for MediaWiki. It will replace the legacy Kaltura Player for video and audio playback. It is based on VideoJS, and has a more modern, faster user interface with mobile and HTML 5 compatibility.

You can opt-in to use it on Wikimedia wikis as a desktop Beta Feature by going to your preferences.

Known issues[edit]

  • Subtitles may fail on some files. We dropped support for wikicode markup inside of the subtitles. You are advised to rewrite these subtitles. (T224258)
  • Video players in gallery modes like packed, packed-hover etc are not supported yet (T133500 and others)

The video player is still in development, but if you find any problems, please report these on the talk page or file them in Phabricator


The player that Wikimedia was using from 2010 had several significant downsides, which were limiting us in making further improvements.

  • Not widely used by others
  • Written before HTML5 video was standardised
  • Used its own subtitling system
  • Written to be compatible with IE6 and used the JavaScript standards of those times
  • Written before our own JavaScript stack was developed
  • Was difficult to make work correctly on mobile
  • Had been virtually unmaintained for 8 years