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Release status: experimental
Implementation Tag , Special page , Database , Ajax
Description Provides a landing page for donors, a page where stories can be submitted, and a story moderation interface.
Author(s) Jeroen De Dauw
Latest version not released yet
MediaWiki 1.16
License GPL
Download not released yet
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Storyboard is an extension developed for the Wikimedia Foundations fundraising efforts. It allows users to submit stories and can display these in an ajaxscroll board that can be embedded in wiki articles. The stories can be managed via a story review interface and be viewed and edited individually on a special story page. See mock ups.

Submission form[edit]

The story submission form enables users to submit their stories to the review queue. It can be embedded in a page by use of the storysubmission tag, which supports the following parameters:

Parameter Default Usage
maxlength Configurable, 1000 The maximum length of a story in character count.
minlength Configurable, 10 The minimum length of a story in character count.
width Configurable, 740px The width of the submission form, either in pixels or in percentage.


<storysubmission minlength="50" width="800px" />

Storyboard tag[edit]

The storyboard has an "eternal load" paradigm, with new information being loaded as the user scrolls to the bottom, and the ability to permalink stories. It can be embedded in a page by use of the storyboard tag, which supports the following parameters:

Parameter Default Usage
width Configurable, 80% The width of the storyboard, either in pixels or in percentage.
height Configurable, 400 The height of the storyboard, either in pixels or in percentage.
language $wgContLanguageCode A language code indicating the language of the board. Only stories in this language will be shown.


<storyboard height="420" width="70%" language="en" />

Story review[edit]

The edit form on Special:Story

Stories can be reviewed via the StoryReview special page. This special page consists out of a tabbed interface that divides the stories into categories based on their state, which can be either unreviewed, reviewed or hidden. Each tab contains an ajaxscroller that will load more stories as the user scrolls down, just like with the storyboard tag. Each story has a list of controls that allow you to publish, unpublish, hide, edit and delete it, as well as show/hide and delete the authors image if one is present.

The StoryReview interface only shows stories in the specified language, which defaults to $wgContLanguageCode and can be provided by adding a 'language' parameter in the url, for example index.php?title=Special:StoryReview&language=en


The Story special page allows you to view a single story, and thus to permalink to it. It also is the place where people with the storyreview permission can edit a stories text and author information.



  • The eternal load of the storyboard and story review interface are broken at the moment. (should be very easy to fix for someone good with js)
  • Possible issue with the jQuery validation plugin. The validation attributes required, minlength and maxlength might not work on some machines?

New features[edit]

  • Search support for stories
  • In Special:StoryReview, add a single language drop-down that applies a filter to all tabs (and it might be nice to have a "Show all" option).

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