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To upgrade to a new version of StackFunctions, you should follow these steps:

  • Install the new file(s) as described in INSTALL, adapting your LocalSettings.php where necessary.
  • Recreate any data created with the serialize operator.

Upgrading to 0.9 from previous versions[edit]

In previous versions, the operator vsprintf used to leave its result in the stack. For consistency with other string operators, this has been changed now. If you have code that uses vsprint, you will need to modify it (by making a copy of the first argument before passing it to vsprintf).

Upgrading to 0.7 from previous versions[edit]

The names of configuration parameters have changed:

Old Name New Name
$wfStackFunctionsAuthKey ExtStackFunctions::$mAuthKey
$wfStackFunctionsCompress ExtStackFunctions::$mCompress
$wfStackFunctionsCompressArg ExtStackFunctions::$mCompressArg
$wfStackFunctionsDecompress ExtStackFunctions::$mDecompress
$wfStackFunctionsEnableQuery ExtStackFunctions::$mEnableQuery
$wfStackFunctionsPrologNamespace ExtStackFunctions::$mPrologNamespace

If you have customized any of them in your LocalSettings.php, you'll need to update LocalSettings.php.