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The sequencer component being developed in open source collaboration with kaltura.WMFBlog:2008/07/23/kaltura-sponsors-michael-dale-open-source-video-developer/

User Documentation[edit]

For user documentation on using the sequencer see: Commons sequencer page

Sequencer Development[edit]

The sequencer source code is presently hosted in the wikimedia svn under branches mwEmbedStandAlone to check out the code run:

svn co http://svn.wikimedia.org/svnroot/mediawiki/branches/MwEmbedStandAlone/

Sequencer Stand Alone Development[edit]

The standard check out includes some sample smil files and sample embed page. You can use this to test the sequencer stand alone. You can also enable it on your local wiki by adding a reference to the javascript remote in your MediaWiki:Common.js file.

Note: I should package the sequencer as a php mediaWiki extension package shortly

Sequencer Development on Commons[edit]

To test your changes on commons simply disable the mwEmbed gadget then edit your User:{UserName}/vector.js file to include a reference to your local mwEmbed

importScriptURI( 'http://localhost/mwEmbedStandAlone/remotes/mediaWiki.js?debug=true&uselang=' + wgUserLanguage );

Sequencer Feature Road Map[edit]

Short Term Features[edit]

  • Key frames for pan zoom points
  • Crossfade zoom
  • Audio track control ( parent clip or audio track selection )
  • Improve stand alone compatibility performance.

Medium Term Features[edit]

  • Final cut style timeline ( instead of just storyboard mode )
  • Improve architecture for 'plugins' / 'tools'

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