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This extension is an applet-base alternate editor. It is used to edit a RDF/XML document.

MediaWiki extensions manual
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RDF Editor
Release status: beta
Implementation Hook
Description Edit, validate (syntax and schema) and submit a XML/RDF document.
Author(s) Pierre Lindenbaum
Latest version 1.0 (2009-06-09)
MediaWiki Tested on 1.13.3
License No license specified
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On opening, the java applet is opened, and the user write a XML/RDF document in a textarea.


The syntax of XML/RDF is checked. The document is also validated vs a schema localized in ${MW}/mwrdf/schema.rdf. If there is an error, a message is displayed and the 'Save Button' is disabled.


Once the document is saved, it is displayed as a <PRE> section. Categories are bound to "mwrdf/shema.rdf and are automatically added.


and the document can be retrieved with the Mediawiki API.



  • Install the java JRE (version > 1.6)
  • The MediaWiki API must be enabled for action=query
  • append the following code at the end of ${MW}/LocalSettings.php