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Release status:Extension status unknown

DescriptionTemplate:Extension#description MP3 Handler using dewplayer.fr
Author(s)Template:Extension#username wikt:User:Conrad.Irwin
LicenseTemplate:Extension#license GPL 3 (mainly)
Download http://www.hymnswithoutwords.com/Mp3Handler.zip

Translate the Mp3Handler extension if it is available at translatewiki.net

Check usage and version matrix.

(!) Note: There is an update at https://github.com/mediawiki4intranet/Mp3Handler

Once you have installed this extension, you can upload Mp3 files in the same manner as images. To display them on a page, use the syntax [[File:MyFile.mp3]], just like for images.

Note: Dewplayer is not free software, though it is free of charge.

Install and configuration[edit]

Create the extensions/Mp3Handler/ directory and put Mp3Handler.php, download.png and dewplayer.swf into there.

Add require_once( "$IP/extensions/Mp3Handler/Mp3Handler.php" ); to LocalSettings.php

Also the variables have to be set in Mp3Handler.php.

The path to dewplayer.swf:

$wgDewplayerPath = "$wgScriptPath/extensions/Mp3Handler/dewplayer.swf";

The path to the download.png:

$wgMp3DownloadIcon = "$wgScriptPath/extensions/Mp3Handler/download.png";

If you want to make sure that "download" really does download, instead of playing in the browser, you should configure your webserver to set the mimetype to "application/octet-stream", you can override $wgMp3DownloadPath if that makes this easier.
The default download path, set this to false to disable the download button, or to anything else to have the download button look in a different directory (e.g. to track downloads):

$wgMp3DownloadPath = "$1"; 

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