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MediaWiki extensions manualManual:Extensions
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Release status:Extension status unmaintained

ImplementationTemplate:Extension#type Tag
DescriptionTemplate:Extension#description Embeds a media player into a wiki page
Author(s)Template:Extension#username Swiftlytilting (Frantiktalk)
Latest versionTemplate:Extension#version 0.3.0 (2010-10-19)
MediaWikiTemplate:Extension#mediawiki ≤ 1.23
LicenseTemplate:Extension#license GPL-2.0+ (but requires non-free CC BY-NC-SA JW Player)
Download MediawikiPlayer 0.3.0
  • $wgMWPlayerDefaultSettings
  • $wgMWPlayerDir
  • $wgMWPlayerConfig
  • $wgMWPlayerUseSWFObject

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Check usage and version matrix.

The MediawikiPlayer extension embeds the JW FLV Media Player into a wiki page and supports multiple formats like FLV, MP4 (H264/AAC), MP3, Youtube-related formats, various streaming server-related formats and various XML playlists formats.

It is, however, licensed under a non-free CC BY-NC-SA license with noncommercial restrictions.

Currently working with the latest JW Player as of 2/6/2013. Addon PlayerPointer not working.

Usage[edit source]

<mediaplayer argument=value >mediaURL</mediaplayer>

The argument may be any parameter or "flashvar" supported by the JW FLV Player. See the list of flashvars for more information regarding options of the JW FLV player.

Simple[edit source]


Using arguments[edit source]

<mediaplayer width='500' height='300'>http://www.yourdomain.com/mediafile.flv</mediaplayer>

Using a preview image[edit source]

<mediaplayer image='http://domain.com/image.jpg'>http://www.yourdomain.com/mediafile.flv</mediaplayer>

Youtube[edit source]


Mp3 player[edit source]

(simply sets default height='20')


or without path to file


Media uploaded to the wiki[edit source]


Note about flashvars with dots in the name[edit source]

Beginning with 0.2.5, some flashvars, such as captions.file or logo.position can be used with MediawikiPlayer. Since Mediawiki will not recognize non-alphanumeric characters in tag parameter names, a special code has been designated to signify a dot (period) character: 00.

For example, to represent captions.file, use the following code segment

<mediaplayer captions00file="http://example.com/captions.xml" ....

Currently there are no flashvars which utilize any character besides the dot, but just in case some extras were defined. The following special "escape" codes can be used in parameter names:

00 => . (dot/period)
01 => - (dash)
02 => _ (underscore)
09 => 0 (zero)

Downloads[edit source]

Installation[edit source]

To install this extension:

  1. Install MediawikiPlayer in yourwikidir/extensions/MediawikiPlayer/
  2. Install the following files from the JW FLV Media Player installation (available www.jwplayer.com) in yourwikidir/extensions/MediawikiPlayer/
    • player.swf
    • jwplayer.js
  1. Add the following to LocalSettings.php:

Please see this section if you need to install a license key.

Configuration parameters[edit source]

$wgMWPlayerDefaultSettings[edit source]

An array of the default settings for the player.

Default array:

$wgMWPlayerDefaultSettings = array(
              'width' => '400',
              'height' => '300',
              'allowfullscreen' => 'true',
              'backcolor' => 'eeeeee',

$wgMWPlayerDir[edit source]

Directory where the media player flash and javascript files are located. Default is in the same folder as the MediawikiPlayer script.


$wgMWPlayerDir =  '/w/extensions/MediawikiPlayer';

$wgMWPlayerConfig[edit source]

An array of arrays to define multiple custom configurations.

$wgMWPlayerConfig = array( 
   'MyCustomConfig' => array ( 'width' => '400',
                               'height' => '300',
                               'allowfullscreen' => 'false',
                               'backcolor' => 'cccccc',
   'AnotherConfig' => array (  'width' => '600',
                               'height' => '400',
                               'allowfullscreen' => 'true',
                               'backcolor' => '000000',

To invoke one of these configurations in Mediawiki:

<mediaplayer MWPlayerConfig="MyCustomConfig">http://www.example.com/mediafile.flv</mediaplayer>

$wgMWPlayerUseSWFObject[edit source]

Set this value to true if you wish to use the older style embedding using swfobject.js instead of jwplayer.js.

$wgMWPlayerUseSWFObject = true;

You may also enable/disable this on a video by video basis. (Both swfobject.js and jwplayer.js must be installed for this to work)

<mediaplayer useSWF=true>http://www.example.com/mediafile.flv</mediaplayer>

Using add-ons[edit source]

AddOns are extensions for MediawikiPlayer.

To enable an AddOn, place the file in the /Mediawikiplayer/AddOns folder and add the following code in LocalSettings.php AFTER you have included main MediawikiPlayer extension file

PlayerPointer[edit source]

Currently one AddOn is included with MediawikiPlayer: PlayerPointer, created by Anner van Hardenbroek. This AddOn allows you to use the new JWPlayer API to make the mediaplayer seek to a specific location in the media file using the videopointer oraudiopointer tags.



In this example, a link will be created which will seek to 30 seconds into the clip. You may also use hh:mm:ss notation.

How to configure LocalSettings.php for use with PlayerPointer:

require_once( "$IP/extensions/MediawikiPlayer/MediawikiPlayer.php" );

License key[edit source]

In the line 218 in "MediawikiPlayer.php" change the following line to include your license key. Please note that the example does show an actually working key.


$code .= "jwplayer($wgMWPlayerIDJS).setup({flashplayer: $playerUrl"


$code .= "jwplayer($wgMWPlayerIDJS).setup({flashplayer: $playerUrl, key:'ay0adCRrquDxP08lIhxMyukAjPW3RrudoQ8bRq=='";

Changelog[edit source]

v.0.3.0[edit source]

  • Added support for JWPlayer 5.3's jwplayer.js
  • Added AddOn support
  • Added internationalization for the File: namespace
  • Reorganized code

v.0.2.5[edit source]

  • Added support for flashvars with dots in the name so that captions can be used.

v.0.2.4[edit source]

  • Fixed issue where some FlashParams were showing up as FlashVariables instead.

v.0.2.3[edit source]

  • Additional security fix for servers with register_globals enabled.

v.0.2.2[edit source]

  • Additional XSS security errors fixed.
  • Prevented register_globals injections. All settings must be made after the require_once call in LocalSettings.php

v.0.2.1[edit source]

  • Fixed a bug when loading local files stored on the wiki

v.0.2.0[edit source]

  • Fixed XSS security risk.
  • Added ability to load media directly from the wiki using File:medianame.ext shortcut
  • Added ability to store various default configurations with $wgMWPlayerConfig

v.0.1.0[edit source]

  • First public release

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