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This extension is professionally maintained by the WikiTeq team.
WikiTeq provides official support for MediaWiki LTS releases only. It may work with other MediaWiki releases.
MediaWiki extensions manual
Release status: stable
Implementation Special page
Description Allows users to send email messages to a list of users
Author(s) Ike Hecht (tosfostalk)
Maintainer(s) WikiTeq team
Latest version 0.4.0 (2023-01-08)
Compatibility policy For every MediaWiki release that is a Long Term Support release there is a corresponding branch in the extension.
MediaWiki 1.35, 1.39
Database changes No
License GNU General Public License 2.0 or later
Quarterly downloads 6 (Ranked 130th)
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Issues Open tasks · Report a bug

The MassMessageEmail extension allows sending email messages to a list of users. It can also email wiki pages to users by transcluding them within the message. It requires the MassMessage extension. For usage instructions, follow the instructions on that extension's page. If there is a User page in the MassMessage delivery list, instead of posting to the user's talk page, if the wiki can email that user then it will.

This extension was created for WikiWorks.


  • Download and move the extracted MassMessageEmail folder to your extensions/ directory.
    Developers and code contributors should install the extension from Git instead, using:cd extensions/
    git clone https://gerrit.wikimedia.org/r/mediawiki/extensions/MassMessageEmail
  • Add the following code at the bottom of your LocalSettings.php file:
    wfLoadExtension( 'MassMessageEmail' );
  • Install the hook, as below.
  • Yes Done – Navigate to Special:Version on your wiki to verify that the extension is successfully installed.
Please note that this extension requires Composer .

So, after installation from Git change to the directory containing the extension e.g. "../extensions/MassMessageEmail/" and run composer install --no-dev, or when updating: composer update --no-dev.

Alternatively as well as preferably add the line "extensions/MassMessageEmail/composer.json"to the "composer.local.json" file in the root directory of your wiki like e.g.

	"extra": {
		"merge-plugin": {
			"include": [

Hook installation[edit]

If you are using version 0.3.0 of MassMessageEmail (or earlier) and version 0.4.0 (or earlier) of MassMessage, you must modify the source code of your MassMessage extension as follows.

In the file extensions/MassMessage/includes/Job/MassMessageJob.php, find these lines (around line number 349):

		// If the page is using a different discussion system, handle it specially
		if ( class_exists( 'LqtDispatch' ) && LqtDispatch::isLqtPage( $title ) ) {

... and change to:

		// If the page is using a different discussion system, handle it specially
		if ( !\Hooks::run( 'MassMessageJobBeforeMessageSent', [ $this, $targetPage, $subject, $message, $pageSubject, $pageMessage, $comment ] ) ) {
			return true;
		} elseif ( class_exists( 'LqtDispatch' ) && LqtDispatch::isLqtPage( $title ) ) {

Starting with version 0.4.0 of MassMessageEmail and 0.5.0 of MassMessage, this is no longer necessary.

Enabling parsed HTML email[edit]

To have the wiki parse the message being sent as HTML, you'll need to:

  1. Set $wgAllowHTMLEmail to true.
  2. Install Mail_Mime.

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