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This page describes configuration options of KML Export.

Extension settings[edit]

These are configuration options you may set that changes the behavior of the extension. These settings should be put in your LocalSettings.php file, after the line where you load the extension.


Sets how multiple placemarks on the same article are disposed on the KML tree.

Possible values are:

always put placemarks in a subfolder for every article
put placemarks in a subfolder if article has more than one placemark
put all placemarks in the category folder

The default setting is KML_FOLD_MULTIPLE.


Not implemented yet...


Sets how many categories the extension will descend into while generating KML output. Try to avoid deep recursions, the current algorithm doesn't scale well for deep recursion trees.

The default setting is 3 categories.


MediaWiki allows for articles to be categorized into more than a single category, but KML uses a tree structure where every folder and placemark are contained into exactly one parent folder. Normally, if an article is contained in many categories and more than one of these categories are generated on the KML tree, we list the article only on the first category.

If this option is set, placemarks of the same article are listed multiple times, once for each category the article is contained in. This may look more coherent, but creates extra overlapping placemarks, makes output bigger and requires more time to generate.

Before setting this option, you should consider organizing your categories so that this wouldn't be necessary.

The default setting is false.

System messages[edit]

These are internal wiki articles that are used by KML Export. You may change these messages online through Special:Allmessages and the MediaWiki: namespace.


This is the title of the Special:KMLExport special page. It is required by MediaWiki, but not used. There is no need to change it.

Default (en): "Export geographic coordinates".


This message is parsed for every KML output generated by Special:KMLExport. It is useful to set global styles.

Default: (empty).


The name of the root category used by Special:KMLExport when the user doesn't provide one in the URL.

Default (en): "Category:Articles with geographic coordinates".


HTML fragment added to placemark/folder description used to link it back to the wiki.

Default (en):

<p><a href="$1">Click here to open the article page in your browser</a>.</p>


Article page URL.
Article title.


Not used yet...