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发行状态: 不穩定
实现 用户界面
描述 Adds an info tab on all normal pages, allowing for quick info displaying
作者 Suriyaa Sundararuban (Suriyaa Kudo讨论)
维护者 Suriyaa Sundararuban
最新版本 2.0.0 (2019-06-08)
MediaWiki 1.29+
PHP 5.6+
许可协议 GNU通用公眾授權條款2.0或更新版本

The Info extension adds an info tab on all normal pages, that allows us to display the site information quickly.



This extension comes with an extra user right called "info" to allow fine grained control of its usage. By default it is assigned to the "user" user group, i.e. to all users with an account who are logged in. In case you would like to also assign it to anonymous users for them to make use of page info display functionality without the need of a post add the following code to your "LocalSettings.php" file right after invoking this extension:

$wgGroupPermissions['*']['info'] = true;

Revoking the permission for the "user" user group and granting it at the same time only to the "sysop" user group may be done by adding the following two lines:

$wgGroupPermissions['user']['info'] = false;
$wgGroupPermissions['sysop']['info'] = true;