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Přeložte rozšíření GrowthExperiments, jsou-li dostupné jeho lokalizační zprávy na webu

Podívejte se kdo a v jaké verzi toto rozšíření používá.

Vagrant role growthexperiments
Problémy Otevřené úkoly · Nahlásit chybu

Rozšíření o GrowthExperiments je používáno weby nadace Wikimedia Foundation pro experimenty prováděné týmem Growth . Rozšíření obsahuje funkce pro:


GrowthExperiments integrates with the following extensions:

  • VisualEditor - for a better editing experience when doing suggested tasks
  • PageViewInfo - for various interface elements trying to explain the user's current or potential impact, most notably the "impact" module on Special:Homepage
  • MobileFrontend - for showing a mobile-optimized version of various features
  • UniversalLanguageSelector - for language selection in the post-registration survey
  • Flow - for messaging features ("ask help" dialog on the homepage and in the help panel) when the target page is a Flow page
  • CirrusSearch - for various search features used during suggested tasks

In theory all of these extensions are optional, although the behavior of GrowthExperiments without them is not heavily tested.

The extension also uses some web APIs which are probably unavailable for non-Wikimedia wikis:

  • Page Content Service for displaying task card information such as a description and an image
  • Analytics Query Service for interface elements related to impact (this is abstracted away via the PageViewInfo extension on the server-side, but for client-side features that's not always possible)
  • Add Link for link recommendation tasks


To download GrowthExperiments:

git clone "" extensions/GrowthExperiments

Read the developer setup documentation for further configuration required.