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GitHub Commit Lister
Release status: unmaintained
Implementation Tag
Description lists defined count of commit messages of an given repo hosted on github.com
Author(s) Nepomuk Fraedrich
Latest version master (2012-07-08)
MediaWiki 1.11.+
License GNU General Public License 2.0
Example <githubcommit user="nepda" repo="mediawiki-github-commit" offset="0" count="10">
user, repo, offset, count, dateformat
social coding, github

Check usage and version matrix.

The Extension GitHub Commit Lister tag displays commit messages inside an MediaWiki page. You can define an template var to define the output.


// cd /path/to/your/wiki/
cd extensions
git clone https://github.com/nepda/mediawiki-github-commit.git

open LocalSettings.php and add this line somewhere (at the end)


Now you can fetch github-commit messages: (in this example the last 10 committs)

<githubcommit user="nepda" repo="mediawiki-github-commit" offset="0" count="10">


show only the last commit:

<githubcommit user="nepda" repo="mediawiki-github-commit" offset="0" count="1" >

show only 2 commit (without the very last one):

<githubcommit user="nepda" repo="mediawiki-github-commit" offset="1" count="2" >

Modify the date format:

<githubcommit dateformat="Y-m-d H:i:s">


You can define the output and you can use predefined variables which are replaced by the commit data (list below)

// github-commit.php
// snip ... (~line 70)

$tpl_before = "<ul>";
$tpl = "<li>%commit_committer_date%: %commit_message% <small>by %commit_committer_name%</small> <a href=\"https://github.com/$user/$repo/tree/%commit_sha%\">Tree zeigen</a></li>";
$tpl_after = "</ul>";

// snip ...

List of Vars[edit]

  • %commit_url%
  • %commit_committer_email%
  • %commit_committer_date%
  • %commit_committer_name%
  • %commit_message%
  • %commit_tree_url%
  • %commit_tree_sha%
  • %commit_sha%
  • %commit_author_email%
  • %commit_author_date%
  • %commit_author_name%