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Release status:Extension status beta

ImplementationTemplate:Extension#type Tag
DescriptionTemplate:Extension#description Transcludes RSS feed items into a wiki page.
Author(s)Template:Extension#username Cogdog;

Piku; Arcy; Mafs; Rdb78; Duesentrieb; Mutante.

LicenseTemplate:Extension#license No license specified
Download No link

Translate the RSS (GISWiki) extension if it is available at translatewiki.net

Check usage and version matrix.

GISWiki/RSS is an extension that allows pages to transclude RSS feed items. Example:


Fixed it to work in MediaWiki versions >= 1.10 Fifers; Adjusted output to be in wiki code rather than HTML by m:User:Cogdog; Fixed it to work in MediaWiki 1.6 Piku; Adding Date output, by m:User:Arcy 30. 07. 2006; define date format as constant, adjust for feeds w/o dates, weird Yahoo formats by m:User:Cogdog

This is a minor further modified

There are two further arguments:

  • title -> display an alternative title instead of chanel name (usefull for very long and ugly chanel names]
  • title = none -> don't display any title
# RSS-Feed MediaWiki extension
# original by mutante 25.03.2005
# extended by Duesentrieb 30.04.2005
# extended by Rdb78 07.07.2005
# extended by Mafs  10.07.2005, 24.07.2005
# extended by User:Arcy  07.09.2005
# Updated for MediaWiki 1.6 by User:piku 13.06.2006
# Update for Wikicode output, by User:cogdog 14.jul.2006
# Adding Date output, by User:Arcy 30. 07. 2006
# Requires: 
#  * magpie rss parser <http://magpierss.sourceforge.net/>
#  * iconv <http://www.gnu.org/software/libiconv/>, see also <http://www.php.net/iconv>
# Installation:
#  * put this file (rss.php) into the extension directory of your mediawiki installation 
#  * add the following to the end of LocalSettings.php: include("extensions/rss.php");
#  * make sure magpie can be found by PHP.
# Usage:
#  Use one section between <rss>-tags for each feed. The rss section may contain parameters
#  separated by a pipe ("|"), just like links and templates. These parameters are supported:
#    * charset=...             The charset used by the feed. iconv is used to convert this.
#    * short                   Do not show the description text for each news item.
#    * max=x                   Shows x most recent headlines.
#    * highlight= term1 term2  The terms separated by a space are highlighted.
#    * filter= term1 term2     Show only rss items containing at least one of the terms.
#    * reverse                 display the rss items in reverse order.
#    * title=x                 display an alternative title instead of chanel name.
#    * title = none            dont display any title.
#    * date                    display the date and time stamp below the title.
# Example: 
#    <rss>http://slashdot.org/slashdot.rss|charset=UTF-8|short|max=5</rss>

# define location of magpie )
define('MAGPIE_DIR',  '/fullpath/to/my/magpie/');

# specify magpie cache directory, make sure it is writable (chmod 0666)
define('MAGPIE_CACHE_DIR', MAGPIE_DIR . 'cache/');

# specify output format for date using PHP date formats
define ('DATE_FORMAT', "r");

# access magpie library
require_once(MAGPIE_DIR . 'rss_fetch.inc'); 

#install extension hook
$wgExtensionFunctions[] = "wfRssExtension"; 

#extension hook callback function
function wfRssExtension() { 
  global $wgParser;

  #install parser hook for <rss> tags
  $wgParser->setHook( "rss", "renderRss" );

#parser hook callback function
function renderRss($input, $argv, $parser = null) {
  if (!$parser) $parser =& $GLOBALS['wgParser'];
  global $wgOutputEncoding;

  $DefaultEncoding = "ISO-8859-1";
  $DisableCache = true;

  # $input = mysql_escape_string($input);

  if (!$input) return ""; #if <rss>-section is empty, return nothing

  #parse fields in rss-section
  $fields= explode("|",$input);
  $url= @$fields[0];

  $args= array();
  for ($i=1; $i<sizeof($fields); $i++) {
    $f= $fields[$i];

    if (strpos($f,"=")===False) $args[strtolower(trim($f))]= False;
    else {
      list($k,$v)= explode("=",$f,2);
      if (trim($v)==False) $args[strtolower(trim($k))] = False; 
      else $args[strtolower(trim($k))]= trim($v);

  #get charset from argument-array    
  $charset= @$args["charset"];
  if (!$charset) $charset= $DefaultEncoding;

  #get max number of headlines from argument-array
  $maxheads = @$args["max"];
  $headcnt = 0;

  #get short-flag from argument-array
  #if short is set, no description text is printed
  if (isset($args["short"])) $short = True; else $short = False;

  #get reverse-flag from argument-array
  if (isset($args["reverse"])) $reverse = True; else $reverse = False;

  #get date-flag from argument-array
  if (isset($args["date"])) $dateflag = True; else $dateflag = False;

  #get highlight terms from argument-array    
  $rssHighlight= @$args["highlight"];
  $rssHighlight= str_replace("  "," ", $rssHighlight);
  $rssHighlight= explode(" ", trim($rssHighlight));

  #get filter terms from argument-array    
  $rssFilter= @$args["filter"];
  $rssFilter= str_replace("  "," ", $rssFilter);
  $rssFilter= explode(" ", trim($rssFilter));    

  #fetch rss. may be cached locally.
  #Refer to the documentation of magpie for details.
  $rss = @fetch_rss($url);

  #check for errors.
  if ($rss->ERROR) {
     # return "Feed error"; #localize...
      #return "<div>Failed to load RSS feed from $url: ".$rss->ERROR."</div>"; #localize...

  if (!is_array($rss->items)) {
     # return "Feed error"; #localize...
      #return "<div>Failed to load RSS feed from $url!</div>"; #localize...

  #Build title line    
  #get title from argument-array    
  $rssTitle= @$args["title"];
  $rssTitle= trim($rssTitle);

  if ($rssTitle !=='none') {
    if ($rssTitle=='') {
        $title= iconv($charset,$wgOutputEncoding,$rss->channel['title']);
        if ($rss->channel['link']) $title= "[".$rss->channel['link']." $title]";
        $output = "=== $title ===\n";
      $title= "[".$rss->channel['link']." $rssTitle]";
      $output="=== $title ===\n";
  } else {
      $output=""; #placeholder for output to insert when no title is shown, e.g. "\n\n\n"
  if ($reverse) $rss->items = array_reverse($rss->items);

  $description = False; 
  foreach ($rss->items as $item) {
      if ($item['description']) {$description = True; break;}

  #Bild items
  if (!$short and $description) { #full item list

    foreach ($rss->items as $item) {

      $d_text = true;
      $d_title = true;

      $href = trim(iconv($charset,$wgOutputEncoding,$item['link']));
      $title = trim(iconv($charset,$wgOutputEncoding,$item['title']));

      # More Yahoo clean-up, their feeds have line beaks in titles
      $title = ereg_replace("(\r\n|\n|\r)", " ", $title);

      $d_title = wfRssFilter ($title, $rssFilter);
      $title= wfRssHighlight($title, $rssHighlight);

      #bild description text if desired
      if ($item["description"]) {
        $text= trim(iconv($charset,$wgOutputEncoding,$item['description']));

        #avoid pre-tags
        $text = ereg_replace("(\r\n|\n|\r|\t)", " ", $text);

        // weird Yahoo content encoding
        $text= str_replace("&#60;","<", $text);

        # remove HTML; coment this line out if you really want it rendered

        $d_text = wfRssFilter ($text, $rssFilter);
        $text= wfRssHighlight($text, $rssHighlight);

        $display = $d_text or $d_title;

      } else {
        $text = "";
        $display = $d_title;

      # add date of item if enabled and it exists in the feed
      if ($dateflag AND $item['date_timestamp']) {
         $dateinfo = date(DATE_FORMAT, trim(iconv($charset,$wgOutputEncoding,$item['date_timestamp'])));
         $datedisp = " <small>($dateinfo)</small>";
      } else {
         $datedisp = '';
      if ($display) {
        $output.="* [$href $title] $datedisp";
        if ($text) $output.="<br>$text";
        $output .= "\n";

    #Cut off output when maxheads is reached:
    if (++$headcnt == $maxheads)  break;

    # $output.="</dl>";
  else { #short item list
   #  $output.="<ul>";
    foreach ($rss->items as $item) {
      $href = trim(iconv($charset,$wgOutputEncoding,$item['link']));
      $title = trim(iconv($charset,$wgOutputEncoding,$item['title']));
      $d_title = wfRssFilter ($title, $rssFilter);
      $title= wfRssHighlight($title, $rssHighlight);

      if ($dateflag AND $item['date_timestamp']) {
         $dateinfo = date(DATE_FORMAT,$item['date_timestamp']);
         $datedisp = " <small>($dateinfo)</small>";
      } else {
         $datedisp = '';

      if ($d_title ) $output.="* [$href $title] $datedisp\n";

      #Cut off output when maxheads is reached:
      if (++$headcnt == $maxheads)  break;
    # $output.="</ul>";

  if ($DisableCache) {

    global $wgVersion;

    # Do not cache this wiki page.
    # for details see http://public.kitware.com/Wiki/User:Barre/MediaWiki/Extensions
    global $wgTitle, $wgDBprefix;
    $ts = mktime();
    $now = gmdate("YmdHis", $ts + 120);
    $ns = $wgTitle->getNamespace();
    $ti = wfStrencode($wgTitle->getDBkey());

    $version = preg_replace("/^([1-9])\.([0-9]+)\.*/", "\\1\\2", $wgVersion);
    if ($version>=15) $sql = "UPDATE $wgDBprefix"."page SET page_touched='$now' WHERE page_namespace=$ns AND page_title='$ti'";
    else             $sql = "UPDATE $wgDBprefix"."cur SET cur_touched='$now' WHERE cur_namespace=$ns AND cur_title='$ti'";

    wfQuery($sql, DB_WRITE, "");

  $out = $parser->parse ($output, $parser->mTitle,$parser->mOptions, true, false);
  return $out->getText();

function wfRssFilter ($text, $rssFilter) {

  $display = true;

  if (is_array($rssFilter)) {
    foreach($rssFilter as $term) {

      if ($term) {
        $display = false;
        if (preg_match("|$term|i", $text, $a))  {  $display = true; return $display; }
    if ($display) break;
  return $display;

function wfRssHighlight($text, $rssHighlight) {

  $starttag = "v8x5u3t3u8h";
  $endtag   = "q8n4f6n4n4x";


  $count_color = count($color);

  if (is_array($rssHighlight)) {
    foreach($rssHighlight as $term) {
      if ($term) {
        $text = preg_replace("|\b(\w*?".$term."\w*?)\b|i", "$starttag"."_".$i."\\1$endtag", $text);
        if ($i == $count_color) $i=0;
  # to avoid trouble should someone wants to highlight the terms "span", "style", ...
  for ($i=0; $i<5; $i++) {
    $text = preg_replace("|$starttag"."_".$i."|", "<span style=\"background-color:".$color[$i]."; font-weight: bold;\">", $text);
    $text = preg_replace("|$endtag|", "</span>", $text);

  return $text;

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