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MediaWiki extensions manual
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Release status: experimental
Implementation Parser function
Author(s) Brion Vibber (Brion VIBBERtalk)
License No license specified
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Stub FileInfo extension copied from my personal wiki; implements a {{#filesize}} that pretty-prints the download size of an original uploaded file. Should get expanded to query other things like dimensions and types, would be handy for some uses.

See also[edit]

The REST API's imageinfo query has similar properties; probably wise to match at least some of them:

 iiprop              - What image information to get:
                        timestamp     - Adds timestamp for the uploaded version
                        user          - Adds the user who uploaded the image version
                        userid        - Add the user ID that uploaded the image version
                        comment       - Comment on the version
                        parsedcomment - Parse the comment on the version
                        url           - Gives URL to the image and the description page
                        size          - Adds the size of the image in bytes and the height, width and page count (if applicable)
                        dimensions    - Alias for size
                        sha1          - Adds SHA-1 hash for the image
                        mime          - Adds MIME type of the image
                        thumbmime     - Adds MIME type of the image thumbnail (requires url)
                        mediatype     - Adds the media type of the image
                        metadata      - Lists EXIF metadata for the version of the image
                        archivename   - Adds the file name of the archive version for non-latest versions
                        bitdepth      - Adds the bit depth of the version
                       Values (separate with '|'): timestamp, user, userid, comment, parsedcomment, url, size, dimensions, sha1, mime, thumbmime,
                           mediatype, metadata, archivename, bitdepth
                       Default: timestamp|user